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Top 10 Best Fabrics for Table Runners

If you want to decorate your landscape and table for any formal events or holidays, table runners should be the first thing to cross your mind. Table runners are known as the base of your decorations. This is why most house owners prefer table runners instead of other decorating methods. Even though the primary objective of table runners is to protect the table from damages, its effectiveness is much more than that. Table runners will allow you to add style and color to your dining table. It will also help you to increase the overall design and mood of the event.

Table runners are available in various fabric materials such as linen, polyester, cotton, and satin that might make the purchasing process of the table linens a daunting task. No matter if you’re purchasing table runners for the first time or want to replace your old table runners, you should know the variation and availability of fabrics for the table runners.

Here are the top 10 fabrics for table runners.

1 Cotton Table Runners

Cotton is one of the most durable fabrics for table runners. As per Fabric time, cotton is versatile. Additionally, the maintenance of cotton table runners isn’t complicated. The tight weave of the cotton table runners creates embroidery designs whereas; the material can also be dyed into various colors without compromising your choice. Another great benefit of cotton table runners is that they are highly absorbent. This way you can prevent spillage from damaging the table surface. You can wash them in the machine with bleach or stain treaters that will help you to clean the table runners perfectly.

2 Polyester Table Runners

Polyester is one type of chemically made fabric that offers similar advantages to cotton. However, the polyester table runners come with a couple of additional perks. Just like cotton table runners, polyester table runners are also durable. They are also machine-washable and available in various designs and colors. Additionally, polyester table runners don’t shrink like cotton yet provide a thinner experience. Polyester table runners are cost-effective. You can use them multiple times without damaging their appearance. This is why polyester table runners are an ideal choice for casual and formal events.

3 Vinyl Table Runners

If you want to purchase table runners for informal dining, you should consider vinyl as the material for a table runner. The vinyl table runners are highly weather-resistant. If they do get dirty, you can also clean them easily. Vinyl table runners are also waterproof and they protect the surface of the table from air exposure, UV rays, and stain. Vinyl table runners are available in massive color patterns to complement any color scheme. However, they aren’t perfect for luxurious and formal events.

4 Satin Table Runners

Satin is another alluring example of synthetic fabric. But, the satin table runners are glossier and smoother than the polyester table runners. The fabric provides an eye-catching allure that binds both elegance and glamor perfectly. Apart from that, satin table runners are highly customizable. Despite being durable, satin table runners require tremendous care and maintenance.

5 Linen Table Runners

Linen is considered as the best fabric to buy table runners. It is an ideal choice for formal events, dinner, and happy gatherings. Linen gives away a classy look with its aesthetic embroidery design. While most footmen are unable to maintain the beauty of linen table runners for long time, you can wash them in the machine easily. However, linen fabric is extremely thick and they are highly absorbent. This way they also protect your table from spills and stains. Additionally, you can easily carry them to any happy occasion without worrying about their weight or damage. So, if you’re looking for quality table runners that will serve you for long time, you should consider linen.

6. Poly-cotton Table Runners

Poly-cotton is the combination of two types of materials, i.e., polyester and cotton. The two materials together create an aesthetically appealing table runner which you can’t ignore at all. Poly-cotton table runners are lightweight and easy to care as compared to other fabrics that we have discussed above. Moreover, they are also durable and budget-friendly.

7. Satin Table Runners

When it comes to table runners that add elegance to your dining room, satin is the apt choice for you. The material is available in numerous colors and designs according to your needs and preferences. Plus, satin makes perfect embroidery patterns with its silk-like texture. However, only the dry cleaning process can keep the satin table runners in their original shape for a long time.

8. Vinyl Table Runners

Vinyl is an affordable option when it comes to selecting table runners that will serve you for many years without losing their quality or design at all. The material is lightweight and durable at the same time. Additionally, vinyl also comes with an appealing pattern that enhances your dining room or table for all kinds of events.

9. Lace Table Runners

Lace table runners are made with light-weight fabric, i.e., cotton or polyester yet they are highly soft and breathable. They add elegance and beauty to the table, so they are perfect for formal dinners, weddings, and other grand events alike. Moreover, you can easily clean or wash them in a machine without worrying about their maintenance.

10. Polyester Table Runners

Polyester is a popularly used synthetic fabric that delivers a classy look to the table and also protects it from spills and stains to a great extent. This way, polyester table runners are your best choice when you’re hosting formal events at home. Plus, they come in different kinds of colors and patterns so you can select them based on your style and preferences

There are countless fabrics to choose from when selecting fabric for table runners. However, all the fabrics mentioned above provide an exceptional experience across happy occasions and events. Pick your fabric wisely depending on the event you’re planning for. This way it will go well with your guest list and enhance their dining experience .


These are the top 4 best fabrics for table runners. Table runners are undoubtedly one of the most attractive décor materials. However, make sure you determine the purpose of using the table runners before purchasing them.

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