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Top 10 activities to do in Dubai

Traveling in Dubai is one of the invaluable parts of life with family and friends. Where we can see not only Dubai’s skyscrapers but also Marina Beach, Dubai, the traditional here, as well as skiing here. Food can be enjoyed. Apart from this, a camel ride in the desert can also be enjoyed during this journey. Every step of the way, Dubai has created something to make visitors happy. Apart from this, there are also shopping malls here whose internal structure attracts everyone. The desert and sea coast make this journey more beautiful during this journey. Apart from this, there is a weekly market facility for buying clothes and vegetables. Along with this, there are special places like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, which provide a better Top 10 activities to do in Dubai. 

Here a better experience of the sea can be done by looking at its water, whose turquoise-colored water makes this trip even better. You may embrace all of these in your Dubai packages from Mumbai to make the most of your holiday at Pickyourtrail. Today in this article, we will mainly discuss the activities to be done in Dubai, which will make this trip better and also provide a pleasant experience.


Kidzania, which sounds much better, leaves no stone unturned to offer a better travel experience to the entire family, primarily with kids. It is mainly located in the famous Dubai Mall, located in Dubai. It can be reached by any bus, car, or metro. The environment here is very nice and friendly. This place provides complete fun for everyone, with lap children, preschoolers, as well as adolescence. There are more than 100 activities here that give complete happiness to the mind. Apart from this, firefighters can get real-life experience as radio jockeys here. Along with this, there are also dining facilities where one can enjoy traditional food like pizza and pasta.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is one of the best and most fun activities to do in Dubai, mainly located in the Mall of the Emirates. It is mainly in the form of an indoor center. If you are not experienced, you can still enjoy these activities to the fullest. Also, here we can make snowballs with our family. Apart from this, you can easily experience the twin-track bobsled run here. Where we make the trip fun is at the snow cavern, the downhill ride on the giant ball. Also, most importantly, it is useful to enjoy the penguin show when you are here. which makes this journey a much better activity.

Dancing Fountain Experience with Dubai Mall

When we make Dubai Mall a part of our travel plans, we will be here at the Dubai Fountain to make this trip even better. which mainly gives the fun of this fountain with sound. where we can enjoy this activity along with shopping. which is mainly reminiscent of Las Vegas. Apart from this, the colorful lights inside it make it even more attractive. Apart from this, one can also get a chance to see the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, adjacent to it.

Atlantis, The Palm

 Atlantis, The Palm is a five-star luxury resort that takes pride of position in the competition for the greatest structure. The main ones are adjacent to the Jumeriah Sea, which adds to the uniqueness of this excursion. It is one of the most well-known hotels in the planet. The interior decor of this hotel’s rooms is excellent. The Palm, which is where we locate these rooms with Underwater Suites at Atlantis, adds to the uniqueness of this hotel. Apart from that, tourists may enjoy traditional cuisine with improved amenities. Atlantis also offers a chance to see a variety of mostly gorgeous aquatic species.

 Sensation Club

Sensation Club is one of the most popular places to party and enjoy music, providing the best and most attractive dance floor facilities for the visitors who come here. Apart from this, one can also enjoy the live DJs found here with the best cocktails. This place is mainly located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Apart from this, the facility of excellent cuisine can also be availed here.

Emirates Golf Club

 Emirates Golf Club is the perfect place to enjoy golf in Dubai. Which was primarily opened to the public for the first time in 1988. It is mainly told in three parts, in which The Majlis, which is the main course, The Faldo Course and the Para 3 Academy Course, are the main ones. Apart from this, there are also special arrangements for traditional food, which include Carine, Spike Bar, Jones the Grocer, and Roseleaf Cafe for Mediterranean cuisine. Which gives many food options.

Aventura Parks

To enjoy a great activity, Aventura Parks provides the main option where you can spend quality time with your family. Where you can enjoy more than 85 activities, including zip lines, tree surfing, and rope crossing. Where only children of the age of six and above are allowed inside, they can easily go with the family. Apart from this, there are also special food facilities here, which make this trip even more fun.

Hammam and massage experience

During a trip, everyone feels tired, as we plan the journey to work off the stress of life. For the best activities, we recommend the hammam and massage experiences, which are mainly done by Dubai’s La Maison De Beaute Ltd. in Dubai. Where we can experience it, we can enjoy snacks and food here.

Desert Safari

Desert safaris are the mainstay of the activities during a good trip. We can also enjoy the traditional food here at the restaurant located here, along with a camel ride. In addition, a greater understanding of bat dancing may be found here. where you can enjoy a travel experience at any time. Apart from this, falconry, sand skiing, quad biking, henna on hands, a mirror, and barbecue dinner with Arabic music are also enjoyed here.

Burj Khalifa Sky Observatory

One of the best sites to visit in the world is the Burj Khalifa Sky Observatory. It is, after all, the world’s highest structure. There is also the world’s tallest observation deck here. The majority of which are mentioned in Guinness World Records. In addition, there is an indoor lounge, which adds to the appeal.

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