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It’s a general perception that men’s apparel has limited style options. But if you closely follow fashion trends, you will find that there are many styles that men can carry when it comes to spring shirts. So let’s explore the latest fashion trends for shirts for men in 2021.

1-Button-Down Shirts

These collared-buttons down shirts are a top pick for men as they can be easily styled as formal shirts or for day time events, if lighter in colour. Similarly, the oxford button-down shirt can also be styled as rather a casual shirt, if it is of a darker shade; for a casual event. You may tuck it in or tuck it out to create a formal or casual look.

The oxford button-down shirts are usually of plain solid colours and crisp thick material so that your shirt remains wrinkle-free for longer hours.  The top trending colours are teal, grape, and beige.


2-Dress Spring Shirts

Every man must own a formal shirt. The dress shirt is one of the formal shirts that can never go out of fashion for men. it can be worn on its own, or for a crisp sharp formal look, you can wear it with your 3 pieces formal suit.

Dress shirt design for men come in various colours and prints such as stripes, checkered, printed, dyed and so forth. You may also pick plain solid colours which give a more professional look.

3-Over shirts

This Men’s shirt can be styled in so many ways. You can wear any buttoned-down shirt on top of a plain t-shirt and voila! You have just created an overshirt as a new shirt design in your wardrobe!

Over spring shirts are so simple to style, and are perfect to be worn over some other shirt for the in-between season when it’s not too cold and not too hot! This style is so versatile on its own; you can style with a variety of plain t-shirt or even create colour blocking for a cool springy look.  To keep it cool under the layers, we would suggest you pick neutral colours.

4-Chambray shirts

Chambray shirts are a variant of the denim shirt and add a lot more versatility to your wardrobe. Unlike a denim shirt, they are made of lightweight fabric creating a casual and comfortable piece of clothing. The top trending shades this season are charcoal grey, dark blue, royal ink blue, and red grape shade. This boys t-shirt can also be stylized as an overshirt over a plain white t-shirt to create the perfect cool springy look and can be worn over plain jeans or even chinos.

5-Floral Printed shirts

This kind of shirt has to be styled very carefully so that your overall look does not look too loud or too cheap. It is mostly paired with plain men t-shirts and a couple of button from the top are kept open for a more relaxed and casual look. You can wear a hat or a chain as an accessory for a chic spring look. If you want to try wearing this style for the first time, try to pick a floral shirt that is not too bright or has bold prints. Go for something subtle and soft look.

6-Denim Shirts

The denim shirt is a piece of outfit that instantly ties together your overall outfit. It is one piece of clothing that will never go out of style and can create a cool yet casual look in just no time. You can easily combine a white-t shirt underneath It and pair it with darker tone jeans for a complete fashionable attire.

7-Polo Spring shirts

Polo t-shirts are a great pick as they are a versatile and stylish shirt design for men. You may opt to wear sorbet colours for a day time look as they give fresh spring vibes and have a rather cooling effect as mens’ polo shirts are made of woven fabric unlike cotton spring shirts, and have pointed collars and a couple of buttons at the neck. Darker colour polo shirts are perfect for a night time look and can be paired with jeans, khakis, and chinos as well.

8-Linen shirts

When you are in the mood for a lightweight fabric, then linen shirts are to the rescue. They are extremely lightweight, breathable and comfortable to be worn, especially on a day when you’re melting under the sun. We would suggest you pick pastel shades in the day time that you normally wouldn’t opt to wear on a regular day. For an instant cooling effect you and maybe roll up your sleeves a bit and wear them with your regular pair of jeans or whatever you are comfortable in.

Before you decide to buy one of these shirts for yourself, keep in mind your sense of style, your measurements such as chest size, shoulder size, waist and length.

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