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To Grab The Attention Of Shoppers Retailers Need To Know About Talkers

As a retailer, utilising efficient marketing tools such as shelf talkers will help bring more shoppers labels to your shelves as well as influence the buying choice.

What is the reason for a consumer to purchase an item in-store of perforated invoice paper? Does it matter if the display is helpful? A well-publicised promotional or sale? Does it hold or touch the product?

Shelf talkers, tiny signs that attach on shelves are the final source of information that retailers must use to reach out to the customers. This valuable real estate is an arena for competition to get the attention of customers.

Shelf talkers are viewed from two different perspectives from a retailer’s as well as a supplier’s viewpoint.The following are some reasons and examples of how shelf talkers are important for retailers:

1) Cater For The Latest Trends

The fashions of perforated printer paper may be uncertain at times, however, the customers expect retailers to stay in the know and up-to-date through the merchandising process. For instance, the sudden trend in health over the past couple of years has changed the way that customers purchase grocery items.

Retailers have the chance to make money by sharing the important information to customers, such as nutritional information in a talker on the shelf, so that shoppers can make healthier decisions.

2) Steer Your Customers

When a consumer enters a store, they will have a picture of the items they are in with the intention of buying. Things like eggs, bread and milk are all located in the aisles to the outside of the store, and are easily accessible. But what happens to the middle aisles?

People on a tight budget or who are in a hurry are likely to avoid the centre’s aisles, resulting in an opportunity missed by sellers and retailers. Perforated paper offers a chance to pique the customers’ interest and guide customers to areas they typically wouldn’t go to.

3) Invaluable Real Estate

The traditional shelf talkers are renowned for one thing: price – however in the current fast-paced retail market, that’s not enough anymore.

Shelf talkers are now tools for marketing communications as well offering customers purchases and offering opportunities to promote special offers. Through communicating more than the cost, customers get messages that meet their desires, which ultimately leads to a rise in sales.

For those who are a time-conscious buyer this improves their shopping experience because they’re better able to make faster and more informed purchases.

4) Designer Labels

Like their merchandise are available in a variety of sizes and shapes – each with different levels of needs. The shelves in retail aren’t any different. In line with your strategy for merchandising the shelf talker can give you a low-cost method to communicate clearly the price and specials for your clients.

A cautionary advisory labels that is smaller in size is the best choice to display pricing information, whereas larger shelves are more suitable for promotions as well as additional information about the product. Like the packaging on the items themselves it is possible to be designed to look just appealing.

For retailers’ shelves, a shelf talker can communicate specific deals and promotions about their products to passing customers, thus increasing the brand’s visibility among various other items similar to it. This could be the difference between increasing sales or the loss of value for items that are not being moved off the shelves.

Here Are Three Reasons The Shelf Talkers Are Important To Retailers

Make Yourself Stand Out From Competitors

Most retailers’ main concerns are keeping their customers satisfied and getting the best value from their suppliers. This can lead to an overcrowded range of products, offering customers a variety of kinds of products to select from.

For retailers, shelf talkers give your product an opportunity to make your product stand out among the thousands of products trying to grab attention from customers.

The Image Of Your Product Should Be Defined

Retailers should follow the best practices to give suppliers the final signature for all marketing materials and point of sale (POS) regarding their products. Offering products to customers not just in the packaging, lets suppliers reach out to the customers in the “First moment of truth” Also called the point of purchase.

For instance, customising shelf talkers may draw customer’s interest for a long time to pique their interest and curiosity – ultimately creating an emotional bond with the client and leading to an order.

Push Products

Sometimes, suppliers are selling products that are struggling to sell in large quantities. Shelf talkers offer a cheap possibility for sellers to sell certain lines of product during the purchase process, providing the chance to increase sales and also compete in their market. Other benefits for suppliers include selling items that must be sold prior to the expiration date.

Attract attention from your customers and increase sales by using our customised shelf talking devices.

With over 80% of the purchases being make in stores, Point of Sale (POS) promotions are a vital element of every successful retailer.

Perforated Shelf Talkers also referred to as shelf barkers have long been thought to be the simplest and efficient method of maximising your POS’s potential. Their large size and vibrant coloration will grab the attention of your customers. You can create customised shelf display prints that will attract customisation.

Printing Options For Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers are clip to the edges of shelves to show your offer or price in an attractive. Distinctive, appealing and visible way.

The ease at their ability to be move around is ideal for limit-time or seasonal only promotions. Or, you can score your customised shelf talkers. And then slide them into your shelf to create a simple and effective display.

Alternative Shelf Talkers Can Be Used

Custom-designed shelf talkers printed with your own logo are ideal for price displays, barcodes or other promotional information.

Make seasonal shelves talkers to display on store shelves to celebrate special occasions or seasonal products like Easter eggs. Valentine’s Day gifts or Christmas gifts. Design a shelf that is custom-made without the need for a large shelf print!

The Advantages Of Gloss Finish

Look at gloss in different instances: car paint lipsticks and nail polish. The general rule is that gloss is brighter, more vivid, and, most importantly, more shiny. It reflects light onto the surface of its reflection, creating a visual for the eyes. The effect of high contrast can make darks darker while light brighter.

Due to this, pictures are usually print on glossy papers. The gloss finish emphasises the smallest elements which makes colours and images really pop. While conveying an impression of class and worth with its shimmer.

The same principle applies to pharmacy labels. You want your labels to be notice by consumers to allow your brand’s colours to pop off the page and to appear polish and professional. Glossy labels can help.

They’re soft to the touch and are of premium quality. For clear gloss labels they’ll even give your product an elegant and sleek “no label appearance,” similar to printing directly onto the surface. They offer stunning visual appeal with a low cost.

They’re print by any printer. Laser or inkjet and are capable of producing the same top-quality output you’d think of for commercial printers. A glossy-face stock more stable in retaining ink for longer-lasting and non-smudge labels.


Suppliers and retailers continue to be printer  awe by their marketing plans. Looking for ways to sell their goods and influence buyers’ purchasing choices.

Luckily, they’ve got shelf talkers. Which is one of the cheapest and efficient  ways to draw customers to their product and display shelves.

The end result is that these devices aid suppliers and retailers in influencing purchases when it matters the most. They also provide benefits to consumers by providing more information on the products.

Thomas Seth

Thomas Seth is well-known in the optical supply business for his work as the marketing director of Vision Supply in Australia. He is a user experience professional and innovative thinker who is willing to take on new challenges that add value to the company because of his extensive business and marketing knowledge. He often contributes to the biggest blogging sites, sharing his extensive experience.

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