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Tips to stay safe when returning to the workplace during COVID-19

Last year we had a disastrous year to start with. Unfortunately, we had to see it proceeding to 2021 as well. As many companies implemented came forth work from the home module, many others needed lockdown to shut their doors for them. While work from home idea gave them safety and protection for some time, people were asked to come back to work once the lockdown lifted. This has filled people of the working category with concern and had given them nightmares. workplace

The question remains the same; what will happen if they go back to working again?

What is the degree of exposure these people are going to face?

Will this be dangerous for them?

As sad as this part is but it is the hard truth that many people have to work to put food on their family’s plate. Whether the condition is favorable or not they are waiting for the lockdown to be lifted so that, they can go back to work and earn their daily living.

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So, now the main question, how they can protect themselves from getting infected? Even if you are vaccinated or not, you may have to go back to work. How can one manage to keep themselves safe once you return to working again?

Is wearing a mask and social distancing enough to keep and your family members protected?

If you are worried to protect yourself and your family members from this unknown danger, don’t be. Here, are a few tips that will help you deal with the scenario in the best possible way.

Tips to stay healthy after going back to office amid the pandemic

Skipping work from the office is out of the question. So, if you have to go back to working from the office, you will have to plan accordingly. To help with this scenario here are four important tips that will keep you safe.

Even though the industry will run disinfection protocol laid down by the government still, you need to prepare yourself to avoid any health issues in the future. Even a slight mistake can make things harder.

Say ‘no’ to gatherings and group meetings

Yes, masks and sanitizers go without saying. But keeping your mask always up is not the right solution. As that is not practical. Once you go back to the office don’t go back to catching up with your colleagues immediately. Remember, social distancing is the key.

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The COVID-19 virus is spread from person to person only if they are very close to each other. A healthy distance between the people will help people stay safe for a long time. Even if the infected person is asymptomatic, still they will be contagious. So, it is best to maintain your distance from your colleagues.

Vaccinated or not, one must follow all precautionary measures to keep themselves safe. As there are new variants are surfacing it is early to tell how the vaccine may cope with them. The best way is to keeping to yourself and waving your co-workers from afar after going back to work.

Some of the social distancing tips that can help you:

  • Try maintaining a distance between people when coming in for meetings. Make sure the seating arrangements in the conference room have a six-feet distance between them.
  • Avoid any kind of gathering in the breakroom. Instead, one can opt to eat separately at their desk.
  • It will be best to use teleconference tools for large meetings.
  • Crowd elevators should be avoided until it’s very necessary. Instead, one can take the healthy alternative of going by the stairs. Closed areas such as elevators have a high risk of being contaminated.

Stay away from frequent touchpoints in the office

Some touchpoints are frequently touched by others. You can’t keep a tab on people to follow healthy hand hygiene but you can be aware of following some of the healthy hygiene habits. Surface-to-person may not be the most common method of transmission, but when you are working in an office you can’t rule them out. One infected person is enough to contaminate the frequently used touchpoints in the office.

The infectious droplets may land anywhere and you may not know about it. So, remember to follow certain safety rules to maintain health and hygiene.

  • Don’t touch surfaces often. Even if you do so, sanitize and disinfect your hands immediately.
  • Frequently wash your hands if possible.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • You can’t tell others to follow a healthy hygiene routine so do it yourself. Keeping disinfecting wipes with you and use them to hold touchpoints such as door handles, flush buttons. Don’t forget to dispose of them properly soon after use.
  • On reaching your desk, sanitize and disinfect your seat and desk. If possible, stick to it till you are about to say bye.

Speak up your concerns

There is no harm in checking out what safety measures have your organization got in place. In case you have any great and essential suggestion that would make it easier for others to work then there is no harm in telling that to your heads.

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Don’t feel shy about problems or other health issues that you are facing while working from the office. If there is a genuine suggestion or idea, that will be very well respected by the officials. Regularly bringing in sanitization and disinfection services in Delhi NCR can be very helpful.

Don’t forget disinfection procedure after reaching home

After coming from outside, you must follow the disinfection procedure strictly. Some of them that you must follow no matter what the circumstances.

  • Remove your footwear outside the house before entering the house.
  • Sanitize your hands and footwear before entering.
  • Remove your clothes immediately and disinfect them. You can fill a bucket full of water and add a cup of cloth disinfecting solution to it. Keep your clothes in it before putting it in washing machine.
  • If possible, take a bath and wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

In case you have kids at home, you should maintain distance from them until you have disinfected everything that you brought back from the office.

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