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Tips to start playing the piano:

Music certainly has great charm when it is listened to, but what is behind that single piece that enchants people. There are many people who dream one day of enchanting people by moving their fingers or hand, depending on the instrument, but which is the most played? Counting their popularity, piano and guitar are the most played instruments for various factors, the first for example for the melodies that it manages to create, the second for the rhythm and mobility it has.

In fact, it cannot be denied that playing the guitar around a bonfire on the night of August 15th is an event that many would like to experience. If we talk about guitarists, we think of world famous rock stars like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page or Slash, who have lived a life full of fun. There would therefore seem to be no reason to choose the piano over the guitar.

Why choose the piano?

According to many, the piano is the main instrument and does not need an accompaniment because it can play both melody and harmony. In fact, unlike other instruments, the piano is played using both hands following two different musical texts. In this way, good coordination is developed, supported by the exploitation and use of brain functions. In simple terms it trains the mind it is no coincidence that often those who play the piano have good results in school, work or where intellectual skills are required.

One last reason I would like to give you is that the piano will give you immediate satisfaction compared to other instruments since it has clean sounds, a result that is obtained after a little practice with the other instruments. Try to take your friend’s guitar, press a string with your finger on the neck of the guitar within that rectangle that is called the fret and with one finger of your free hand pluck the string pressed, the sound will be different from that played by an expert pianist, in the piano this does not happen. Despite this, there are those who think differently.

How to get started:

Sometimes you hear people who don’t start playing the piano because they think they’re too old, as if there was a recommended age to start playing. The truth is that there is no age limit to start playing but you need a lot of patience and determination. In fact, in many cases people stop playing after a few years because they arrive at a stage in which, despite playing a lot of time a day, they no longer get evident results as in the first months. Only if you are truly passionate you will not abandon your studio, in this sense the piano is selective and not accessible to everyone.

Whoever approaches the piano is usually moved by the desire to be able to reproduce the melody of a song or is simply attracted by the presence of this instrument in his home or that of a friend. But what is the best way to approach the piano? First of all, I would like to recommend the support of a professional with a degree from the conservatory. If you fall into the first type, the next point will not interest you because it is assumed that you already have it, if not, pay attention. Looking for the digital Piano You can here read the review.

Piano or Keyboard:

For those who are starting an important choice is what to buy: piano or keyboard? There are two types of piano: upright and grand. Given the high cost of the plan, I do not recommend it for a person approaching it for the first time. You don’t even know if the next day you’ll still want to play those boring exercises needed to learn. When I speak of piano, therefore, I will imply the vertical one. The price of a piano or keyboard is quite different, we consider two models of medium quality. This is to mark the difference of high quality pianos, for professionals, which reach very high prices.

In proportion, a piano costs five times a keyboard. Don’t forget that the piano must be maintained. To do this, you need expenses for tuning and repairs of all kinds, not to mention the space it occupies.

The piano reproduces a clean sound due to a mechanical action, the hammers moved by the keys strike the strings unlike the keyboard, where the sound is digital. Not reproducing the same sound and difference the piano is worth buying. Another minor reason is the scenic effect given by the presence of an inlaid and embroidered wooden piano. Despite the cost, I highly recommend buying the piano, but it is not often an expense, a piano also lasts a lifetime. Only some pieces such as strings, hammers and others will need to be changed.

What to study to get started:

Although I think you will be followed by a professional, I give you some tips to start playing even as a self-taught. You will need at least one piano exercise book to untie your fingers and begin to coordinate which in case you will be advised by a teacher as well. Every day it is recommended to practice for at least 30 minutes starting by warming up with C arpeggios scales of do re mi sol la si and others learning a new one every two or three days and other exercises.

Then you can start practicing with the help of the book. To finish the tutorial, download a score and start practicing playing it. Pick a point on the score how far you are prepared to practice until it is corrected and at the right speed. To achieve that result, start practicing with separate hands. First with the right, then with the left, and as it starts to get easier, increase your speed. You will reach the right one by being adjusted by a metronome.


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