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Tips To Prevent Fires in Your Home

Your home is your safe space. You make memories with your family and so it has a special place in your heart. Having your house set on fire can be a terrible experience. Fires can be extremely destructive, not only because they can destroy your home and personal belongings but also because of the lifelong emotional trauma they cause to you and your family. You should be extremely cautious while making your home so that your home has measures for preventing fires. Here are some precautions you can take:

Install Fire Detectors and Alarms

Smoke detectors are extremely important for a home. It is one of the easiest ways to prevent your house from being set ablaze. Different kinds of smoke alarms have flooded the market lately, however, Smart Smoke Detectors have proven to be the most effective. You should always make a habit of regularly checking your smoke alarms if they are working to avoid house fires. Smoke detectors can be checked if they are working or not by pressing a small button. If the sound of the beep is weak, then you should change the batteries.

Check All Sources of Heating

A poorly maintained heating source like a stove could be a potential hazard. Not only should you check them regularly yourself but also hire a professional every once in a while for a thorough inspection. Using a space heater can be tricky and risky if the air filters are not cleaned properly regularly. It is vital to understand that a huge fire can engulf your house by some as small as debris and dust on fire. Caution should also be taken when positioning them as they should never be positioned towards something flammable.

Keeping Stoves Clean

In case a stove catches fire, it is probably because little food particles that fell on the burner during cooking caught fire, resulting in a larger fire. Not only food particles but anything flammable on the burner could be extremely dangerous for you and your family. Make sure you do not ignore things like the curtains hanging too close to the stove while you decorate your home. Do not leave cookbooks or kitchen towels near the flame when you walk out of the kitchen or when the burner is still hot. They are very prone to catching fire very quickly.

Don’t Leave the Kitchen Unattended

Kitchens are the place where most house fires begin. It is just a matter of a few seconds that a small harmless burning of a food particle could turn into a huge disaster. While cooking, always remain vigilant and not leave the kitchen unattended. If you have to leave the kitchen for an emergency, then make sure that you turn the stove off first or ask someone else in the home to watch over. Leaving the kitchen unattended while the food is cooking is a huge mistake that may have grievous consequences. So, take care.

Check Your Dryer

You may have a dryer to dry your clothes after washing them. However, we often do not maintain our dryers as much as we maintain other appliances in our home. It is extremely important that dryers are regularly checked. You should always check the lint trap when putting in a new load of laundry. You should also look behind the machine to see if lint or small clothing items like socks are stuck behind it as they may cause a fire to break out. If your washing machine or dryer is not working properly, then don’t hesitate to get professional assistance.

Fix Broken Wiring

Broken wiring is one of the biggest reasons for house fires. If the wires in your home are worn out or broken, then replace them before they cause a catatstrophe. You can identify broken wiring behind drywalls by checking any burn marks on the wall or a burning smell. You may also feel a buzzing or vibrating sounds near sockets. You should also make sure that the wires do not run through under carpets or rugs as they get hot while operational.

Keep Flammable Items Away

We do not realize but very often, we do not carefully and properly place flammable items in our homes. Simple items that do not strike our minds often like hairsprays or nail paint removers can catch fire, which may lead to a bigger fire engulfing the whole house. So, make sure that these items are kept in a cool place away from flames.

Put Out Scented Candles When Walking Out Of the Room

Scented candles create a nice ambiance for our rooms. They look aesthetically appealing too. However, if you do not exercise caution you may end up with a fire. Scented candles should be put out before you leave the room. They should also be kept away from things that may catch fire like blankets and towels. If you feel drowsy make sure you put out the candle and then go to sleep. Keep these candles away from the reach of children.

Fire Place Should Be Maintained

Stray sparks in the fireplace can be dangerous so make sure that there is a door between the floors and the flame. Just like with a stove, do not leave the fireplace unattended. When you remove the ashes from the fireplace, make sure that they have cooled down, and dispose of them in a metal container that has only this purpose.

Final Thoughts

This article explains a few ways to prevent your house from catching fire. There are many more measures that you can take to keep you and your family safe from a fire hazard. If you are making a new home, then you should especially consider this as a part of the safety and security of your home.


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