Tips to Play Subway Surfers online Game For Beginers

Subway Surfers online is a wonderful game since it allows you to get a glimpse of a country’s culture simply by running along train tracks. Have you been playing Subway Surfers this summer? Here are some pointers to help you achieve the highest possible score.

About Subway Surfers online game

When it first came out in 2012, Subway Surfers blew up the mobile gaming market. Since then, the game has grown in popularity among smartphone users trying to pass the time in their spare time or right before going to sleep by playing one or two fast games.

Your character races over the world’s train tracks in this game, depending on the country selected for the most current update. During the race, the character must gather cash and mystery boxes while also attempting to beat your previous high score or that of your Facebook friends if you choose to link your accounts. You can use the coins to unlock new characters and increase your upgrades.

Keep in mind that if you lose your footing, the grouchy inspector and his dog will track you down and capture you, putting an end to your escape.

How to Play Subway Surfers online

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you easily set a high score in the game.

Two is preferable to one.

While playing subway surfers game, I noticed that many players only swipe with one finger throughout the game. That is not, however, the most efficient way to play the game. If you’re trying to beat your Facebook friends’ top score, I recommend playing with two hands. This will allow you to effortlessly swipe in any way while also allowing you to devote all of your focus to the game.

Run on the train

Instead of running on the ground, you should run on the tops of the trains. Staying on the ground increases your chances of colliding with barriers or being hit by a fast train. So, if you need to get down, take the earliest opportunity to board a train. Learn how to stay on top of trains by jumping and swiping to change trains.

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After getting hit, keep running.

Hoverboards are a big part of the Subway Surfers game, which is why it’s called Subway ‘Surfers.’ Even if you crash into an obstacle, using an overboard will allow you to extend your run. Keep your overboard meter charged for emergencies, and activate it as soon as you suspect you’re about to collide with an obstruction or a speeding train. This will stop you from going overboard while still allowing you to play the game.

Keep your keys safe in subway

During a run, the game allows you to resurrect your character using keys. Using keys repeatedly throughout a run, on the other hand, will exhaust your supply, and you will be without one when you need it most. If you observe, each time you revive your character with a key, the cost of each subsequent use increases, causing you to quickly run out of keys. I advocate not using your keys during short runs and just using them when absolutely necessary during a high-scoring run.

Upgrades are required for boosters.

You will be able to gather and use boosters as the game progresses. By upgrading boosters from the shop with coins, you can increase the duration of a booster.

Tips and Tricks on the Subway Surfers online game

Don’t give up the opportunity – ‘Save me’

when you can When caught by the guard or hit the obstacles, quickly press the ‘Save me’ button if you have come a long way. So, after finishing that game screen, you will start a new game screen and still keep the same number of points and gold coins. The number of keys needed for this is time-dependent and will be increased by an exponent of 2. In addition, you can also Save Me by watching promotional videos

Swipe down to land faster when jumping.

By swiping down, your character will land as quickly as possible while running at high speed, jumping between carriages or changing lanes. Thus, you will easily master the speed and avoid the obstacles that suddenly appear in front of you.

Collect Jetpark boosters and gold magnets

Sometimes you also need to skip gold coins to collect Jetpark (missile) and magnet. When using Jetpark, the rocket will propel Jake into the air at maximum flight speed, avoiding the obstacles below. Do not ignore any magnets, because it will attract all the coins around you, adding a lot of gold coins.

Try to eat as many stars in subway surfers online

Eating stars will help you multiply your score by 2, 3, 4 even 30 times depending on your running speed on the track. After eating stars, the faster the running speed, the more points will be multiplied

Let’s run on the roof.

When you run on the roof of the train, there will be less danger because there are fewer obstacles. You can run comfortably without worrying about unexpected obstacles like under the track. But be careful and choose to jump on the roof of the train so that it is reasonable.

Jump a lot to keep your distance from the guard

When you are being protected and his dog chases you, if you run at the normal speed of the  Subway Surfers game, the possibility of being caught is very high. Please jump and fly a long distance to leave the distance with the guard and the dog chasing behind. You can still get coins in the process if you combine eating the coins floating in the air so don’t worry.

Don’t forget to buy green energy and buy green stars.

When you have a lot of points, remember to visit the online shop to buy green energy bottles or blue stars to get 35 times the normal number of points to be rewarded. Just imagine how high your score will be if you get 35 times your bonus points, and of course, multiplying the bonus points will also help you increase your strength.

With 7 great tips to help you get high scores in Subway Surfers above, hopefully this article can help you quickly overcome challenges, conquer the game Subway Surfers easily. Play the game at now to experience and share great winning tips.

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