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Tips To Get Cheaper Insurance Covers With A Diabetes Diagnosis

The diagnosis of diabetes can make your chances of getting a good health insurance scheme difficult as diabetes is a chronic condition and not every insurance plan covers its treatment expenditures. Additionally, diabetes decreases life expectancy and increases the risk of developing complications including cardiovascular disorders.

While it is tricky, it is not impossible to get health insurance covers if you have got a diagnosis of diabetes. Some insurers will, however, not cover for diabetes and its related illnesses but will pay for treatment of other illnesses or injuries you might suffer in the future. Other companies will offer discounted rates of life insurance for diabetics.

So, if you are looking for a health insurance plan with a confirmed diagnosis of diabetes, you must ensure that diabetes treatment cover is included in the pan. Sometimes, the insurance agency provides an option to take additional cover for illnesses like diabetes and cancer with your basic plan. Below are some tips from Matt Schmidt with Diabetes Life Solutions.

Ways by which you can get insurance at cheaper premiums even with diabetes

Increase your daily activity levels:

  • By moving more, your blood circulation will improve which reduces the risk of developing diabetes-related complications. Simple types of exercise help you manage your diabetes.

Lose weight:

  • High BMI and diabetes are the biggest risk factor for developing chronic heart diseases.
  • Thus, the insurer will charge extra premiums. Losing some weight before applying for the insurance can reduce the premium rates.

Reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure is essential:

  • Keeping these 2 in a healthy range will reassure the insurance agent regarding the low risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Visit your doctor and get them monitored before applying for an insurance cover.

Quit your alcohol consumption and smoking habits:

  • Smoking makes it harder to control blood sugar levels.
  • Smoking when combined with diabetes becomes a deadly combination for which getting insurance can get tricky and expensive too.
  • Similarly, alcohol consumption can adversely affect blood sugar levels.
  • Also, regular alcoholics tend to have a higher BMI, and hence, their chances of getting lower premiums are greatly reduced.
  • Quitting both these habits is good for your health and your pockets as well.

Keep your existing diabetes well-controlled and conform with reporting the same to your insurer:

  • If you have a pre-existing diagnosis of diabetes but you can manage it well, you give a signal of reassurance to the insurer.
  • A regular check on blood sugar levels and HbA1c values is necessary to keep your diabetes under control.

Give full medical underwriting:

  • Not disclosing your pre-existing condition like diabetes might get you an insurance cover easily.
  • However, in case you will need to file for a claim in the initial period, the chances of getting a payout are pretty slim.

You can also use comparison sites to get quotes from different health insurance companies and compare them to choose the best yet cheapest plan that can cover all your diabetes-related treatments.

At PR News Blog, you can discover ways by which you save on premiums for life insurance and health insurance covers. By following expert advice, you can easily get away with medical exams and increase your chances of getting covered under your health insurance plan for future illness or injuries.

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