Tips to Freshen your Custom Product Boxes and Packaging

Custom Product Boxes and Packaging

Recent research shows that about 70% of customers prefer to buy products that have been packaged in custom product boxes and packaging. It also makes them more likely to share their buying experiences and recommend your brand to others. Exuberant boxes with custom add-ons make the unpacking process fun and worth sharing.  You can give this feeling to customers on a lower budget with affordable yet impactful boxes.

Some companies wish to cut costs and in that they compromise on the boxes’ quality. While this may seem like a good idea at the face value, it has adverse effects on your brand reputation. Packaging products in well-designed and creatively embellished boxes would help your brand to be more recognized and persuade customers to make a purchase. If you want to reach an impressive customer satisfaction grade, then availing of boxes that aid you in this journey and task can be a high-yielding idea!

custom product boxes and packaging

Get light-weight boxes

Nowadays shipping and transport are the norm of product distribution. You can freely choose the density of your boxes and make them as light or thin as you deem fit. Your budget can define what thickness your boxes can afford, making the packages appropriate for all purposes. Our accountants can generate the most ideal deal that can generate effective results without disrupting costs.

Don’t be in a hurry

Take your time and decide what brand image to want to exhibit. One of the core functions of custom printed boxes is to market your brand to target consumers. For this, they must project a likable brand identity. So, first, you need to define the attributes you want to associate with your brand for the packaging to showcase these to the viewers.

There is ample proof to convince sellers that their product packaging is an extension of their brand image that customers consider before they make a purchase.

Less is more

The most elegant boxes have minimalistic designs. Not overdoing with the styling can keep the boxes looking crisp and on point. There are certain add-ons like handles on top, ribbons for beatification, window cutouts, metallic inks, and alike that give exclusive finishing to the boxes without adding too much to consume for buyers.

Supermarkets are so full of choices that customers often look for an X factor to buy from a brand. You can provide them with precisely this by opting for less in-your-face styling and appropriate accessories that make the custom product boxes and packaging convenient for use.  This of course does not mean that your designs must be bleak.

Balance your colors rightly

It is an established fact that colors have a profound effect on the viewer. Printing your packages with lively colors that gel well with your products’ nature and boost the brand to be more prominent in the market.

This helps customers to pick them up as soon as they see those colors on store shelves. Cutting through competition can be given effect by adopting an energetic mix of finesse to your brand image with such packaging. It makes your buyers trust your products without opening the boxes and obtain your products from the sea of other items.

Follow trends

Complying with customer tastes and modern trends is crucial in determining the effect of these boxes on their buying habits. Social media is a good indicator of what customers’ demand currently out of their products. Fulfilling these can give you enhanced brand recognition in a go!

When buyers see their tastes being impersonated on your packaging, they will surely make your brand their favorite shopping destination. The whole purpose of this is to get the buyers’ attention so that they know of your brand’s existence and uniqueness. This approach helps to make more productive designs that prove worth the effort and energy. Amusing clients will prosper healthy relations with them that are set to last a considerable time.

Think bigger!

An exceptional display of the brand image is sure to go a long way. The markets are overflowing with brands. There must be a solid reason to buy your brand. Giving what other brands don’t can be a good way to divert their focus. You need to come up with interesting artwork and informative content that pushes the buyers to pick your products from store racks for a closer view.

Conventional and traditional designs can bound your brand in the ordinary bracket. Modern printing techniques and methods can give distinct results. However, it is important to not lose focus. For instance, a shoebox cannot look like cosmetic packaging. There has to be a relative styling method for customers to precisely know what they are buying and what to expect from the brand.


These guidelines will enable you to be ahead of the competition without exhausting your resources. Custom product boxes and packaging is a compulsory commodity to include in your marketing bag.


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