Tips to earn more commission of SBI Kiosk Banking

SBI kiosk or SBI CSP is a mini unit that functions as a bank with authorization. These SBI customer service points are considered to be a very profitable form of business in nature.

Apart from providing the daily or routine services like account opening, cash deposit, money transfer etc to their customers, a State Bank of India CSP outlet can increase their earn by using following tricks:

  • Cross selling method

Cross selling methods are used by various companies and retail outlets to increase their overall earning potential.

Here, as a State bank of India CSP, you should ask your customers to open their account in Atal yojna pension scheme or any other new government policy as they visit your outlet to meet their regular needs. Similarly, you can provide a mini statement to your customers after every transaction.

This way the SBI CSP can make a few extra transactions and push their earning potential to a great extent.

  • Divide your transactions.

SBI Customer service point gets a particular amount as their commission for a single transaction. Here, if a customer comes to you for transferring money; then you can transfer half the amount first and the other half amount after a few minutes.

Doing this will result in two money transfer transactions and double commission, at the end of the process.

  • Provide information.

Most of the customers do not know about every service that a SBI Customer Service point has and thus they don’t use those services. Here it is SBI CSP’s duty to provide information regarding new government schemes such as Atal yojna pension scheme, PMSBY, PMJJY, Jandhan Yojna etc to your customers with its benefits so that these customers can start using these services and you get some extra commission for enrolling them.

  • Increase average bank balance

You can increase your earnings by increasing the average amount of money that is deposited in the bank accounts. Set a fixed amount for every customer but make sure that with this trick you don’t lose any customer.

  • Conduct campaigns in nearby villages

Conduct various marketing campaigns across various nearby villages and open bank accounts of the people residing in those villages to increase your client base.

This will result in overall increment in every activity and give you great monetary benefits.

Apart from these ideas, any individual person increases their SBI CSP earning by being honest, modest and delivering everything in a timely manner. These unwritten etiquettes will give you great mouth publicity and at the end of day this will provide you monetary benefits.

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