Tips To Choose The Best Custom Band Merch

It seems simple to choose the best custom band merchandise items, but it can be difficult when faced with so many options. There are so many options! You want all the band merchandise but aren’t sure which items will sell on your tour. You don’t need to have thousands of dollars. You are a smart musician and know how to manage your music business. Decide the best strategy for your band’s merch. Here are some tips to help you choose the best merch for your band.

  1. Select The Essential Merch Items

These merch necessities are essential for any band who wants to go on tour. Custom band shirts, Band posters, Band buttons, and Band stickers. These are the most basic items for band merchandise. Even bands with a low budget should still have enough to launch their album and go on tour. It would be a mistake to not offer something to fans, especially since bands can make a lot of money from their merchandise these days. You have nothing to offer them except your CDs. It’s like saying no to thousands upon thousands of dollars and marketing opportunities for your band. You might still be a little unsure about what to do. There are many items you can choose from, so make sure to have at least the essential items mentioned above.

  1. Choose Limited-Quantity Merch Items

It is not a good idea to order 5000 shirts and then has half of them in your garage collecting dust. Before you start printing thousands of t-shirts, it is important to only test a few pieces. Even if your band is very well-known, your design might not be popular enough to sell your stuff. Many t-shirt printing businesses offer the ability to print on demand. They might cost more than companies that do silk screen printing on a large number of shirts. It is best to find a company that produces 50-100 shirts per hour at a low price, but with high quality.

  1. Find A Merch Company With Many Custom Items

While it is important to carry basic merchandise items such as tees or posters on tour, you should also have a few unique items that reflect your band’s identity. You could offer cool cassette tapes and music cards. You should have a lot of options to choose from so that you can create something unique.

  1. See What Similar Bands Are Selling

Check out the merch that other bands sell if you are a member of a metal band. They are likely the items metal fans will pay for so you might want to look into them. You might be a relatively new band, so look into bands that are more established than you and then check out their custom band merchandise.

  1. Choose Quality Over Price

It is essential to go with a t-shirt printing machine that does not require a significant investment. It is of utmost significance. You should try to avoid purchasing the product with the lowest price tag because there is a possibility that the quality of the item will be lower. You ought to go with something that is not overly cheap but also not overly expensive.

  1. Select Items That Are Easy-To-Store, Pack, And Ship

You don’t always make sales when you are gigging. Part of your sales can be done online through your website, Facebook or Instagram. It can be frustrating for customers to order items from you if they are not satisfied with the product or if it is too large, has liquids, or is difficult to pack. When choosing custom band merchandise for your band, this should be a major consideration.


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