Tips to Capture the Stunning Photos with Your Phone

The latest smartphones have equipped the cameras that provide high-resolution images. You can capture the stunning photos without DSLR.
All you need is a smartphone and some tips. Capturing high quality photos is the desire of every human being. Whether it is a wedding event or birthday party, we capture the images to store long lasting memories.
This article will discuss some tips to capture stunning photos with your phone.

Tips to Capture the Stunning Photos with Your Phone

1. Use Landscape Mode

While capturing the photos, try to use the landscape mode. Landscape mode not only helps in capturing the high resolution image but also helps in covering the more background area.
When you visit a historical place, you want to cover the buildings and gardens in your background while capturing the subject. The landscape mode work in the best way in such conditions.
Use the rule of third to make your image more engaging. If you properly follow the rule of third in landscape mode, your image is going to bring more you more followers on Instagram.

2. Use Tripod

A tripod helps in capturing the high quality photos. While capturing the photos without tripod, you feel your images as blurry and unclear.
Tripod is a handy gadget that helps in minimizing the shaking of the camera. A still camera results in high quality and more clear photos.
I highly suggest using the best tripod for phone to avoid any disturbance. Sometimes, you travel to far places and you want to capture the photos. When you capture the photos and check them at home, you become disappointed.
All of your efforts go in vain. But if you properly use a tripod with the phone, you will never regret having bad and unclear images.

3. Shoot from Different Angles

The traditional way of capturing photos is no more working these days. You need to be unique to stand out from the crowd.
Try to capture the images from new angles. You can use different DIY ideas to capture unique photos.

Tips to Capture the Stunning Photos with Your Phone


If you are following the same angles as most of the photographers are already using, it will difficult for you to be successful.
Try something new, follow the famous photographers on social media, and try to copy their style. When you start learning basic, adopt your own way of capturing from new angles (Don’t be a copycat).

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4. Editing

Editing is the most important part of photography. This the phase where you can turn your raw photo into a stunning photo.
You can use photoshop to edit your photos. If you are looking for an online free option, Canva is the best online platform to edit photos.
You can also use a photo editing app on mobile. Learn to properly color grading your photos.

5. Capture More Photos

The more you capture the photos, the more are the chances to get high quality results. Practice makes a man perfect. When talking about photography, it’s all about practice.

Even at the expert level, you need to practice yourself to polish your photography skills to the next level. Whenever you capture a new photo, ask around the community what people think about your photos.

Share your photos in different Facebook and WhatsApp groups and get the expert opinion about your photos. There are a number of Facebook groups where you can find expert photographers.

Follow the latest trend. The trends in photography are changing with time. You need to follow the latest trends to survive in this field.

I hope this article will help you out in capturing the stunning photos on your mobile. I tried to make this article as simple as possible without going into any technical details.
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