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Timber Vs. Composite Decking: Which Is The Right Choice For

We always try to choose the best when it comes to our home. But a few times, we need clarification about what is right. This happens while choosing the decking procedure for your home. You can get confused between timber and composite decking. Both materials offer different types of benefits and flaws. 

The choice is up to you. This article will compare timber and composite decking to help you decide which one fits you. For detailed information, you can contact Traditional Verandahs and carports. Let us continue reading to get a preliminary idea of how they differ.


The cost of Timber decking varies according to the choice of wood.

Soft materials are more affordable than most composite decking and hardware decking. At the same time, the expenses of hardware decking and composite decking are almost similar.

Another important thing is you need to add the expenses of stains or oils for the timber decking for its longevity if you choose that. 

Life Span and Maintenance

If you need clarification on timber and composite decking, you must consider both materials’ life spans. Timber decking can last long with proper maintenance. The benefit of timber decking is it can be replaced partially. Suppose it got fungus in some places; that particular area can be replaced without changing the entire deck. 

In contrast, composite decking can last more than 20 years with minimal maintenance. It neither needs stains nor any other treatments. Only cleaning the deck will do just fine. But the plastic material is prone to scratches and can not be replaced partially like timber decking. 


According to people with expertise in Decking Adelaide, Timber decking is ahead of composite decking strengths. Composite decking is not a structural material. It requires support. But this issue can be fixed by placing the joists together as support. But it is an additional cost that can be avoided if you opt for timber decking. 

Environmental Impact

Timber decking is indeed an environmentally friendly option. Composite decking is a mixture of plastic and wood fibers. The wood fiber part can be recycled, but the plastic material is not that environmentally friendly. It impacts the environment because of the by-product releases in the entire process. 

Look and Feel

Both timber and composite decking offer you many options for choosing what suits you. Composite deckings are almost the same color and textures, but timber decking comes with various colors and textures. The color and texture of composite decking can be kept as it is for a long time with maintenance, but timber decking needs stainings sometimes. Timber decking can also get slippery when wet and can result in splinters.

Bottom Line

Choosing the decking material depends upon your choice completely. If you want a hassle-free material, then composite decking is the one for you. If you wish to have a natural wood-like appearance for the deck, then you can go for timber decking. Now the call is yours.

You can reach out to people from Traditional Verandahs and Carports to get detailed information about decking materials.    


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