Three Tips for Designing Custom Album Artwork

Did you know that nearly 11 million CDs were sold in the first half of 2020?

Even with the rise of digital music and streaming, there’s something special about physically owning an album. One of the greatest allures is the stunning album artwork on offer.

If you’re planning on releasing music and want your album cover artwork to inspire prospective buyers, it pays to do a little research beforehand. Fortunately, we’ve done some of the hard work for you.

Read on for three tips you need to know about designing the best album artwork.

1. Match the Artwork to the Music

When designing album artwork, it’s your job to make sure the visuals match the album’s musical content.

Ideally, you will present the listener with a clean-cut image, regardless of how basic or intricate the design is. If the cover is flawless, people will presume the music is as well. Choose a style and typography that encapsulates the spirit of the record in order to draw in fans and set the tone for the entire tracklist.

The listening experience is inextricable from the album design. With this in mind, use bold imagery for upbeat music. Consider a more subtle design for relaxed or emotional music.

Solo projects can warrant an intimate image of the artist to convey the personality of the album.

2. Find Your Own Style

Any good work of art is unique and telling of the artist behind it. The best album artwork demonstrates a symbiosis between the musician and the artist.

As a designer, you should find a style that comes naturally while also accommodating the musician’s needs. Spend the time to plan and revise album artwork with the band or musician. That way, you will produce something stunning that both you and your client can be proud of.

Multimedia is an excellent way to set your album artwork from the competition. Digital manipulation allows you to combine traditional artwork with contemporary techniques.

Your artwork deserves the best CD packaging. That’s why you should check out CD jewel case options for a top-quality casing.

3. Use Strong Reference Points

All good artwork comes from a strong reference point. Ask the musician or band to provide pictures, sketches, and illustrations they like.

This will give you an excellent reference point when producing album artwork and allow you to capture the artistic vision behind the sound.

Anything can serve as an artistic reference point. Even a simple, everyday object could form the basis of a legendary design.

Use your artistic license combined with an album artwork finder to inspire your next great design.

Creating Outstanding Album Artwork

So, that’s the 101 on creating album artwork that will keep the listeners coming.

By making an impactful piece of art for an album cover, you set the tone for the entire album.

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