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Things to Do in Pittsburgh When You’re Bored during ROAD Trip

Whenever you go on a road trip, there always will be the time when you feel bored and, what’s worse, your friends can’t entertain you. Of course, there are things that are better to do with friends. On the other hand, it’s ok to travel alone as there is always a tone of things that are best done on your own. Where to go? How about traveling to Pittsburg? By the way, even traveling with your best friends you can face a moment when they are busy and need to do something to cheer yourself up.


Generally speaking, road trip can be exciting, adventurous, and really fun. And you are able to do it even funnier when renting a car and exploring more and more new places around. Car rental is a nice alternative to overcrowded buses and boring tourist routes.

Explore the secret places of Pittsburgh by car!

Don’t stick to the popular tourist routes if you want to see something really interesting. Be a pioneer! Rent a car from Avis in Pit Airport and go to find the coolest spots around the city. Drive your car to an awesome museum: the Center for PostNatural History. It’s ok if the museum territory is small for a big company. The entrance is free so that you can easily come in, driving somewhere around. Pittsburg has gained a reputation as a dirty and industrial city. Nevertheless, the city has lots of parks, rivers, and other outdoor activities and interesting places you can visit by car. Car rental services are well-liked by tourists. So, go online, pick your car, and pick it up at the car rental location near you. This is how you’ll never be bored of your vacation, even traveling solo.

Pittsburgh at dusk


  1. Visit Three Rivers Casino

Do you want to check whether you are lucky or not? There is a place in Pittsburgh, where you can come and hit the jackpot. Take the advantage of having a car and a casino in Pittsburgh, and some spare money, of course.

Royal Flush at Casino


  1. Go shopping

Shopping will never be boring if you travel by car! Pittsburgh is a big city and you can find some awesome malls and shopping centers in and around the city. Just leave your car in the shop parking and shop with pleasure.

  1. Dive into SPA

Do you like taking SPA procedures? Look at the city map and find a good SPA center near you. You’ll definitely feel better after taking massages, relaxing baths, facial masks.

  1. Help animals from the shelter

Even if you don’t have an opportunity to pet a puppy or a kitten, you can visit the local animal shelter to hang out with each and every homeless baby. They would love your company, for sure.

  1. Go to the Big Idea Book Store & Cafe for coffee

If you rent a car, just stick to your GPS and drive to 4812 Liberty Ave. This is one of the most atmospheric bookshops you’ve ever met. Here, you can drink tea or coffee, reading one of your favorite books. By the way, the coffee is organic and you’ll definitely feel better.

Girl reading a book

  1. Drive to Phipps

Everyone knows that Phipps Conservatory is one of the most beautiful and viewy spots in Pittsburgh. You can walk through and buy a nice gift from their gift shop. Try to pick a flower or two to take home.

During a road trip, you will always find where to go and what to see to get your boredom away. Even if you are traveling solo, you can always put the radio on and sing aloud. Of course, it can’t make you feel like you are in the company of friends again. But it will keep you awake and will prevent any accidents. Why don’t you go and make up a list of your favorite songs?


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