The Wonderful Benefits of Adding a Garden Statue to Your Yard

the United States, about 81 percent of the population has a garden or lawn. Furthermore, 79 percent say that green spaces are a top priority when selecting a home to buy or rent.

Do you have an outdoor space? If so, you no doubt want to keep it looking its best. And, while landscaping is a major part of lawn maintenance, you can also get creative by adding outdoor decorations, such as a garden statue.

Of course, you may be skeptical of purchasing a garden sculpture, so this post will help you consider the benefits of doing so. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Show Off Your Style 

Even though you can add personality to your lawn with plants, many people in your neighborhood may have similar flora. But, with a yard statue, you are much more likely to stand out and express your personality.

For example, you could include a rustic statue made of wood, an elegant one carved in marble, or a quirky sculpture showing your sense of humor.

Make a Themed Garden

Some homeowners like to give their outdoor areas a theme. For example, if you love birds or butterflies, you can use plants to attract them. But, to emphasize this, you may want to add yard decorations that feature these lovely creatures.

Or, if you want to give your garden a western theme, you can check out statues from bronzeman.com.

Accent Your Plants

Artwork can make your favorite plants more noticeable or give them a surface to grow on. For example, you can purchase a statue that doubles as a planter, adding greenery and texture to your piece of art.

Fill in Empty Spaces

Since most plants like at least some sunlight, shady spots may be harder to fill. As a result, you may not know what to do with these empty areas of your yard.

Yet, statues are the perfect addition to a shady place in your garden. To accentuate it, you could add ferns or other plants that thrive in darker areas. Or, you could add a fountain or pond, since algae are less likely to grow in the shade.

Create a Centerpiece

Another great reason to add a statute to your garden is that they help direct visitors’ attention to certain areas. And, placing a statue in the center of the garden adds symmetry.

Spice Up Your Yard with a Garden Statue

After considering all the benefits of adding a garden statue to your lawn or garden, you likely have an idea of whether this piece of art is right for you. If so, start browsing the web for your favorite types of statues, and remember to choose a material that goes well with your home and landscaping style.

You’ll likely find that your new addition adds a lot of character to your garden and makes it more inviting!

Would you like to learn more about decor and gardening? If so, take a look at more of our online content.

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