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The Ways In Which Businesses Use SMS

The first SMS text message was sent on December 3rd 1992. Developer Neil Papworth used his desktop computer to send a message to his friend Richard Jarvis’ Orbitel 901 mobile telephone. The message simply read “merry Christmas.” Jarvis, who worked for telecoms giant Vodaphone, had no means of replying because his mobile phone had no means of inputting text. This simple message was an immensely important development in the field of communications, nd by 1993 companies had developed mobile phones that were able to send text messages. For over 20 years, SMS messaging remained the most important text messaging service available on mobile devices.

SMS messaging is still immensely important, and as a business messaging medium, SMS is considered to be very valuable indeed. How, then, do businesses make the most out of SMS messaging? Here are some the most popular ways in which the mobile messaging medium is made use of by companies.

Customer Service

Businesses that deal directly with consumers need a way of being in contact regarding customer service issues. The more reactive to customer service enquiries a company is, the more likely it is that their customers will remain faithful. SMS messaging provides a very convenient method of offering two-way customer service communications. Companies such as Boomerang Messaging offer technology that makes two-way text communication with customers easier and more cost-effective. Software that enables two-way text-to-email and email-to-text conversation is useful because it removes the need for companies to invest in masses of mobile phones or mobile operating system emulators.

Order And Delivery Confirmation

Companies commonly use SMS messages to notify consumers that they have received their order and to update them on delivery scheduling. This kind of SMS communication is commonly automated: a text message is sent to a consumer as soon as their order has been registered. Likewise, messages can be automated so that they are dispatched as soon as a product has been marked as shipped. Keeping customers in the know helps alleviate any anxiety they may feel regarding a delivery or order status.


Text messaging is frequently used for authentication. The automated sending of a unique code to an employee number via text can facilitate a relatively secure entry into restricted digital areas.


The field of SMS marketing is extremely healthy despite the proliferation of alternative internet-based text communication methods. There is no better way to send vast swathes of customers a notification about new products or services than through SMS. SMS marketing is best pursued when a target audience has been identified. Simply spamming the widest possible audience is likely to lead to complaints. Consumers that are likely to actually purchase goods or services need to be identified using market research or through the use of pre-existing consumer databases. Companies looking to use SMS marketing tactics need to be very aware of the strict laws that surround the practice. In the US, for example, customers must be given the option of unsubscribing from “cold” texts.

There’s no doubt, SMS messages have come a long way since the first message was sent back in 1992.

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