A childhood trauma survivor, my name is Trevor Hooper, and I will be sharing my experience and journey with you. It certainly isn’t easy to be a victim of childhood trauma and abuse. As a child, it invoked numerous negative feelings in me that led to self-doubt, guilt, and shame. All these feelings prevented me from going to my home and I used to live on the streets. All the negative feelings had an overpowering impact on my life which continued for quite a long time. 

I realize that numerous other people like me have been subjected to abuse as a child. Thus, I feel it is my responsibility to share my journey with them, the way I recovered, and help them do the same. I have come up with a 12-step process that will help victims of child abuse to come out of their trauma and lead better lives. Also, it will have a positive impact on the people around such victims as they will become more welcoming & respectful. 

Here are the first five steps:

Step 1: It Is Not Your Mistake

The first step in the healing process is to stop blaming oneself. You must realize that no one has ever benefited from pinning blame upon oneself. The only person at fault here is the person who has hurled the abuse. It is only the abuser who shall be punished as per due process. While it is said that only 3% of such offenders are punished, it is certainly not your fault. 

Step 2: Feeling of Grief-Related Emotions

As a victim of childhood abuse, it is obvious to experience and feels certain negative and bad emotions. Rather than losing one’s spirit, the victims must realize that it is natural to face such feelings. The grief-related emotions proceed in a five-step manner. These start from denial and go through rage, bargaining, sadness, and finally end at acceptance. Apart from this, there are numerous other emotions that the victims feel and experience. These include Violation, rage, contempt, lack of trust, confidence, self-love, an increase in self-hatred, etc. 

Every victim must assure himself of one thing these feelings aren’t permanent. You will overcome them one day and come out as a better and stronger individual. This healing process will help you in neutralizing the negative emotions and bringing positivity to your life. 

Step 3: You’re Not Alone

To heal, you must also come to terms with the fact that you are not the only one. Unfortunately, it happened to you, but it isn’t the end of the world. Hundreds and thousands of people have gone through it and will go through it. We will help you in coming out of these feelings of self-hate and guilt and help you lead a better life. 

Step 4: Realize That You’re A Good Person

As a victim of childhood abuse, you sometimes end up losing your identity to negative emotions. You fail to come to terms with who you are as a person. However, you must realize that you are a good person who has got so much to live for and do. Our course will help you in realizing your good self through a variety of activities and lead a better life. 

Step 5: Realizing That There’s A Life Beyond This Trauma

You must also realize that there is a life beyond this phase of trauma. There are better and bigger things in life that you can still achieve. All you need to do is to have a positive outlook and give life a second chance. Our course will always be at your disposal in coming out of trauma & in helping you lead a meaningful life. 

The Abused Child

The Veil of Secrecy- a harmful practice with a manifold adverse impact on human life and the world economy. 

  1. Introduction
  2. Australian Statistics
  3. Can you recall any incident in the past (mainly childhood time) when you have been subjected to abuse by someone in your family, or neighborhood, i.e. have you ever been subjected to child abuse?

If the answer is yes, then follow the next steps for a solution. 

  1. Have you ever experienced negative emotions like shame, guilt, or self-hate in the past or present or have you ever felt emotional outbursts in terms of anger, hatred, suicide, etc? 
  2. Look into the mirror and observe 3, if not 5 good things about yourself. To make it even more comprehensive, ask three close friends of yours to enlist 5 positive qualities about you. Take a note of the same and then prepare a unified list. 

After having completed the above-mentioned steps, please contact us for further assistance and help. 

To know more about the course, email me at

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