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The uses of bicycle lights

While riding in the dark, your bicycle lights are your saviour. It would be best if you had bicycle lights when you ride anytime between sunset and sunrise. They light your path, enable other motorists to spot you and guide you to reach your destination safely. This equipment protects you from accidents in limited visibility conditions. Your bicycle light must keep you visible to people riding 500 metres ahead or behind you. Usually, all riders have white lights in the front and red tail lights and blinkers in the rear. These lights help people riding towards you or behind you to spot you quickly from a safe distance.

Types of lights

High-output lights: High-output lights offer maximum illumination as they are brighter than regular lights. They help you see your path clearly in all weather conditions. You can be safe, spotted by others quickly, and have a sound vision of things around you.

Front and rear safety lights: The safety lights in the front and rear ensure that you have a safer ride. It is crucial to have them in weather conditions with low visibility like fog, mist, and heavy rainfall. Sometimes you ride when the daylight is not favourable, and you need to ensure that you can be seen by other riders while travelling in the darkness. By being easily visible, you can prevent getting hit by other motorists on the road.

Off-road lights: Off-road lights transmit a wider beam of light to get a good view of the trail. It does not have a long reach but illuminates the ground right before you and shows you the path you are about to ride. This light can be mounted on the handlebar or helmet.

Light modes

All bicycle lights have different modes, and you can choose one depending upon the weather conditions, the length of your ride, and the time of day.

Flash or Burst mode: The flash mode grabs attention and helps you to be seen by the other motorists when riding on a busy road. It doesn’t drain the battery power but never use them at night times to save battery power because you will not be able to see the road. When your lights are in the flash mode other motorists can’t judge your speed and distance. Do not flash the lights unnecessarily or for a longer time.

Constant beam, high power: This is the safest mode to use at night, but it drains the battery. The intense beam of light helps to see the road clearly when you are away from a city with no street lights. Combining a constant beam with a less expensive flashing light is the safest option for urban roads.

Constant beam, medium/low power: This mode has a continuous light beam, but it is not very intense. It helps to see the potholes on the road. The battery is not drained soon, and this mode can be used for longer rides when there is minimum daylight.

Night riding is safe with the right lights and indicators. You have additional safety by using reflectors in the front and rear along with the bicycle lights. If you enjoy night riding, you must mount good lights on the bicycle for a safe and enjoyable ride. It is best to use front and rear lights even during the daytime to make yourself more visible to other motorists.


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