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The Undeniable Importance of Testing Software Before Deployment

The global software testing market shows a possibility of growing by $34.49 billion between 2021 -2025 at a CAGR of 12.39%.

Software testing has become an integral part of software development over the last few decades. It’s used to confirm that all components work as expected and meet the standard quality requirements. If you’re still skeptical about the need to conduct software testing during software development, this is the article for you.

Read along to get the several undeniable benefits of testing software before deployment.

To Avoid Software Flaws

If the software is well tested before it’s launched, it will be much better when it comes to operating. Testing ensures the software contains fewer bugs and errors when it goes live. Even if you have a good software development team, the development process is prone to errors.

The earlier you identify these errors, the cheaper it will be to correct them. Flaws in your software can affect your brand’s reputation, and to protect it, software testing shouldn’t be negotiable. A software company’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets.

You don’t want to risk releasing software that has a lot of bugs. The software company can be perceived as incompetent by clients who may move to a competitor. Invest in proper testing before software release to protect your brand from negative publicity.

To Save Money

The cost of fixing a bug when software is still in production is cheaper compared to fixing it when the software is live. This remains one of the most concrete reasons why software developers value software testing.

Launching a SaaS website then closing it later due to bugs can cost you money due to downtime. It’s thus critical that you do proper testing of the software before launching it.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any software company. A customer who isn’t satisfied with your product will move to a competitor. One way of ensuring customer satisfaction is by releasing software that is free from defects.

This will need proper software testing before the software is released. During the testing phase, the analyst will tell you how reliable the software is. The analysis will give you insights into whether the software product will impress your target audience.

To Protect Customer Data

The security of your customer data is another reason why it’s important that you ensure testing is done. Software must be tested before release to ensure customer data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Software QA and software QC help mitigate issues that could arise from software defects that could lead to data breaches. If you don’t have a quality assurance expert in-house, consider qa outsourcing.

If the number of data breaches is something to go by, you shouldn’t risk launching software that hasn’t undergone testing to guarantee its security. Testing ensures there are no penetration holes in the system that hackers can take advantage of to steal data. Remember, data breaches can damage the reputation of your business as customers would no longer trust you with their data.

To guarantee that the software is safe for use, adequate testing should be done by professional testing analysts. This is a step towards ensuring you deliver a quality product to your customers to avoid cases of data breaches. This can only become possible if you do your due diligence in ensuring software testing takes place.

To Maximize Profits

Once software products are live, companies can make money through licensing or subscriptions. As such, it’s critical that software companies maximize the revenue they generate from new software releases. The best SaaS platforms maximize their profits by developing new features in their existing product.

This means ensuring that new features meet customer expectations and fixing bugs. A good example would be an application where the payment feature doesn’t work. This would affect the revenues of the company reducing the profitability of their venture.

To Improve Software Quality

Companies should not only focus on customer satisfaction but also on improving software quality. A software company can do this by incorporating software testing into its development process. It ensures that software gets released to the market with fewer defects and that customers are happy with the product.

To remain competitive, software companies need to release software products that are of high quality. Without incorporating testing into software development, maintaining quality can be an issue. By doing so, software companies can ensure that their software products are free from defects.

To Reduce Time-To-Market

Time-to-market is a critical factor for software companies. It determines how quickly they can get their software products to the market.

Reducing the time-to-market involves speeding up the software development process, which includes testing. By doing so, software companies can release their software products sooner and capture a larger market share.

To Avoid Regulatory Fines

Government agencies such as the FDA in the United States regulate some software products. These agencies require software companies to adhere to specific quality and safety standards.

Failing to meet these standards can lead to hefty fines for the software company. One way of avoiding these fines is through rigorous software testing before release.

Get an Edge by Testing Software Before Releasing

There are endless reasons why software companies should invest in testing software. Failing to do so can lead to negative consequences such as regulatory fines, and negative publicity. As such, it’s critical for software companies to invest in proper software testing before release.

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