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The ultimate guide to OpenCart Spin and Win Extension

As an administrator of an eCommerce business, we foresee enticing customers through additional contributions and incentives. In any case, consider a situation in which they are offered a more straightforward and user-responsive method. The OpenCart Spin and Win Extension is a user-friendly gamified module. Further, that allows online store owners to add a Spin and Win interface to their website. Moreover, engage their visitors in a simple yet engaging way. The store admin may provide customers with a gamified UI with appealing discounts and offers. Furthermore, by simply integrating the Opencart Interactive pop up Extension on the front-end of the website.

Knowband has created an Opencart Responsive pop up Extension to help you with this task. The shop administrator may use the Opencart subscription pop up Extension to display the spinning wheel on the front end. In addition, operate it totally from the backend.

What is the purpose of the OpenCart Spin and Win extension?

The Subscription pop up Extension cleverly collects your visitors’ email addresses. Moreover, allows them to try their luck by spinning the disc on your site. Thus, winning enticing promotions and deals. By spinning the wheel and ensuring that the pointer rests on a specific deal, you may win discounts. As a result, Knowband’s Email Subscription pop up Extension creates a fantastic bond between the business owner and the customer.

Why choose the OpenCart module?

  1. The OpenCart module is quite adaptable

The admin may quickly make adjustments to the OpenCart Exit-Intent popup plugin from the backend to make it more interactive and user-friendly. The OpenCart Spin and Win Extension are customizable with a few clicks here and there. Further, to make it appear as it belongs on the page (on the front-end).

  1. The email subscription pop-up in OpenCart collects email addresses

The Opencart module allows consumers to be aware of a discount voucher through email addresses. Hence, collecting visitor and customer email addresses.

  1. Aids in the generation of prospects

It is simple for the store administrator to captivate a huge spectrum of guests because of the gamified UI. Further, which indirectly assists the store admin in generating leads.

  1. The admin deciphers the rewards

The Opencart Spin and Win Extension gives the business owner complete control over the rewards on each wheel slice. With only a few toggles, the admin may adjust the discounts/prizes at any moment from the backend.

  1. The Opencart Entry Pop up provides easy tracking

With the tabular and graphical data provided by the Opencart Exit Intent Pop up on the back-end, the shop admin can easily follow the progress of the coupons. He or she would also be able to easily view the number of vouchers utilized.

  1. The default email templates come with the Opencart Email Subscription pop up Extension

The administrator gets a set of predefined email templates from which to pick. The emails are customizable from the Opencart Spin and Win pop up’s backend.

Remarkable perks of the Opencart Newsletter Subscription popup Extension

  • A simple method for collecting email addresses

Because it is both eye-catching and interesting, visitors to your business will incline to the pop-up. Not only does the Spin Wheel Extension make it easier to collect email addresses. It also makes it much easier to keep a record of them.

  • Proficiency with several languages

The Opencart Exit Pop up Extension allows shop visitors to subscribe in many languages. Furthermore, visitors from all around the world will be able to safely interact with the Opencart Spin and Win Extension.

  • The in-depth analytical analysis is provided

The metrics tool allows company owners to compare the number of coupons printed to the number of discounts applied.

  • You may customize the look and feel

Business owners may personalize the Opencart Interactive pop up Extension themes. The text that displays in the popup is changeable.

  • There are several themes to choose from

The Opencart subscription pop up Extension comes with a range of themes that the administrator may personalize.

  • Email layouts can be changed

The emails that the shop owner sends are completely customizable. In fact, the merchant may make it as unique as he wishes.

  • Reduces bounce rate, which maximizes engagement

The Subscription pop up Extension minimizes your business’s bounce rate while also improving its attractiveness.

  • Designs for emails that can be altered

Business owners may easily adjust the email subject, content, and template.

  • Integrates with email marketing platforms

The Opencart Spin and Win Extension work with a variety of email marketing platforms, including Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Constant Contact.

Additional features of the Opencart Spin and Win Extension by Knowband

  1. A double-verify mail option is included in the module. It also bans the use of a single message ID to play the Spin and Win game multiple times.
  2. Store administrators may utilize this interactive popup using this Opencart Interactive popup Extension. Furthermore, Opencart admins may utilize this Interactive and responsive popup as an Entry popup, Exit popup, or time-delayed interval popup as soon as a user joins the website. Indeed, well before the customer exits the website, or at any moment in time, such as 1 minute after the customer accesses the site.
  3. This Opencart subscription pop up Extension displays pyrotechnics when a customer receives a discount. Furthermore, the consumer’s victory will be much more dramatic. You may enable or disable this functionality from the admin panel.
  4. Customers may engage in the spin and win game at whatever time using Knowband’s Opencart Responsive pop up Extension, which features a pull-out tab.
  5. The validity of the discounts provided to customers may be controlled through the Opencart admin interface.
  6. There are several customization options available for the Subscription pop-up Extension. Custom CSS and JS, for example. Indeed, the Opencart administrator may make any changes they wish without affecting the underlying code.
  7. Admins may choose the minimum size screen for the Newsletter popup with the dynamic and responsive OpenCart Spin and Win Extension. There are more than 20 various themes to pick from. There are many more themes and wheel layouts to choose from.
  8. The wheel’s overall design is adjustable. In addition, the look and feel of the popup can be altered using Opencart’s Look and feel settings. In just a few minutes, you may improve the look of the button on the Newsletter popup, as well as the hue of the text font on the Newsletter popup.
  9. Opencart admins can change the text on the Email subscription box using the Text options provided by this Interactive extension.
  10. Admins may set the discounts for each slice of the wheel using the Opencart extension’s options. A fraction of a percent decrease set discounts, and shipping-based discounts are all options available to the administrator.
  11. The outcome of the Spin and Win game is entirely up to the Opencart administrator, who may choose ahead of time what discount to offer customers by assigning gravity to each slice.
  12. MailChimp and Constant Contact, two well-known email service providers, are both integrated with Knowband’s Interactive Opencart Entry popup extension.
  13. The admin can also choose which web pages the Newsletter subscription popup should show on with the OpenCart Spin and Win Extension.

In the End

Thus, the OpenCart Spin and Win Extension by Knowband is certainly the right way to increase engagement in your store. In fact, it helps you acquire more email addresses without making any effort. Hence, you can contact us for all answers at

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