The top features of these stunning Prestashop Shipping Modules

According to you, when does a transaction is considered complete? Is it when the buyer buys a product? Or is it when the product is delivered? Well, different marketers will have different opinions here. However, we will consider timely shipping and delivery of the products here. Thus, we will discuss the stunning Prestashop Shipping Modules by Knowband. These stunning Prestashop Shipping Modules prove that shipping is absolutely essential.

Further, your eCommerce business’s reputation relies on it. The stunning Prestashop Shipping Modules by Knowband feature numerous highlights. In addition, there are varied benefits of investing in them as well. Let’s take a look at Knowband’s stunning Prestashop Shipping Modules in this article. These stunning Prestashop Shipping Modules are, in reality, worthy of your company.

Prestashop Store Locator and Pick up Module

Knowband’s Prestashop Store Locator Module is a must-have feature. Additionally, the Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin is required for your eCommerce store. Why? On the checkout screen, buyers should be able to select pick-up instead of delivery. In reality, it enables the administrator to make this function available to consumers. Both the administrator and the consumer benefit in this scenario. How? Because the admin saves money on shipping and the client saves money on delivery. In reality, the buyer may just go to a neighboring physical store. Moreover, pick up the requested item.

The Prestashop store pick up plugin also displays specific data in addition to the real store’s position. For example, the store’s description, distance from the customer’s location, contact information, and so on. Hence, now is the best moment to invest in Knowband’s Prestashop pick-up module.

Key features of the module

  • The Prestashop addon is incredibly simple to set up, configure, and use.
  • A picture can be specified by the administrator. In fact, a Google map marker and the map’s zoom level are also included.
  • The admin can display the distance in miles or kilometers using the plugin.
  • Customers may get directions to the storefront by clicking the ‘Get Directions’ link.
  • The Prestashop store pickup module allows the store admin to enforce national constraints while adding in-store pickup features.
  • The administrator can set or disable the date calendar for order pickup.
  • The administrator can change the date and time format.
  • The store owner of this Prestashop store pickup module can enable the settings. Further, to display the pick-up time slot from the backend.
  • The manager can specify the minimum wait time after placing an order.

Prestashop Shipping Cost by Zipcode addon

The eCommerce store administrator may now effortlessly control delivery costs without any trouble. Knowband has a feature-rich Prestashop Shipping rate by zipcode. Further, that allows you to set the freight charges based on the client’s zip code. In fact, calculating the delivery cost using the Prestashop Shipping cost by postal address is easy. Thus, suppose, a client provides his region pin code. The module automatically calculates the delivery cost of the items. Different delivery rates can be specified for different areas by the store administrator. The Prestashop Shipping Cost by Postal Code enables the eCommerce store administrator to configure carrier alternatives. In addition, the tax and processing cost as well.

In this manner, the online store owner can quickly handle shipping cost calculations. Moreover, there’s no need to keep configuring the Prestashop Shipping Cost by location. The online retailer can choose carrier settings, tax amounts, and handling costs in addition to the shipment cost. Users may input the local Pincode and see the delivery cost at the same time, saving time. The Prestashop delivery cost by postcode module keeps the shipping cost computation transparent. This Prestashop Shipping Cost by Postal Code feature is multilingual and multi-store compliant.

Key features of the module

  • For the sake of implementing the shipping cost parameters, the shop admin can divide the zones. Further, intonations, regions, and zip codes.
  • The eCommerce business owner can also choose from a drop-down list of nations.
  • For instance, an online user inputs the postal code data on the check-out page. Further, the Prestashop zipcode wise shipping cost calculates the charges then only.
  • This plugin allows you to customize the terms and conditions for all of the different carriers.
  • The store admin may set the tax due. In addition, handling costs from the admin interface with this Prestashop Shipping cost by postal address module.
  • For selecting the delivery fee, the online store administrator can choose from a variety of region pin numbers. In fact, he can also choose particular postal codes.

Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode Module

Customers may verify the accessibility of a product in any location. How? Simply by entering the zip code in the checkbox. Further, the checkbox offered by the Prestashop Product Availability Check by Zipcode. If the product is accessible to the specified zip code, this plugin allows the admin to present the projected days of delivery.

Key features of the module

  • This Prestashop Zipcode adds a box to product pages. Furthermore, that allows users to check shipment accessibility by specifying a zip code.
  • By providing a CSV file, the Prestashop Availability check by zipcode maps zones with products.
  • If the goods are available, the Product zipcode validator allows you to show or hide the expected delivery date.

Let us wind up!!

So, what are your thoughts on Knowband’s stunning Prestashop shipping modules? Do you know that every plugin comes with three months of free customer support? In fact, you may save even more money during the New Year’s Sale. Additional discounts of 20%, 25%, 30%, and 35% are available on items purchased throughout the sale. The cart value must be less than $50, more than $50, more than $100, or more than $150. KBNYEAR20, KBNYEAR25, KBNYEAR30, and KBNYEAR35 are the discount codes.

Further, which of these stunning Prestashop Shipping Modules by Knowband are appealing to you? Would you like to know more about any of these stunning Prestashop Shipping Modules? You can contact us at for kinds of questions, doubts, and queries. In fact, every plugin comes with a User Manual. It features the steps to install the plugin, features, benefits, and more. Check them out now.

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