The Standard PAS9980: Everything You Need To Know

The paper’s main issue deserves its length. It includes both case studies on fires and fire safety standards. The glossary includes industry terms.

Many, especially multi-family property owners, are waiting for PAS9980 to find out if their exterior walls pose a low or manageable risk and if they need rehabilitation.

FR Consulting can help you demonstrate compliance with the Building Requirements and other regulations and standards applicable to exterior walls. Many people believed the new standard would replace the EWS1 form when it was first announced. Mortgage lenders may not request EWS1 forms for buildings with PAS 9980 fair or low fire risk assessments.

Certificate: Ews1

EWS1 is a certificate that certifies the exterior wall fire assessment. This certificate is issued to leaseholders who purchase, sell or refinance multistory apartments.

EWS1 is not required. Safety certificates are also not necessary. It evaluates mortgages. The RICS and mortgage lenders issued EWS1 in December 2019. It assesses exterior wall safety for constructions above 18m tall. They have been gradually used for structures below 18 metres since January 2020’s Government’s Building Safety Guidance announcement. EWS1 helps lenders decide whether to grant a mortgage on a multistory apartment.

Risk Assessment Objectives For Pas 9980

These are the objectives of PAS9980:

Standardised methods for assessing the risk of fire spreading through exterior walls should be used.

Assist the recipients with understanding the risks and outcomes.

This standard includes an assessment of fire risk and assessment for external walls (FRAEW), which contributes to the evaluation of the Fire Safety Order and possibly the future safety case for taller structures. This rule applies to all multi-family structures, not just those that exceed 18m. It’s also appropriate for student housing and specialised housing.

PAS 9980 Defines Risk

In PAS 9980, the risks include fire spreading, secondary flames, and tenable escape scenarios. Effective fire service intervention is also included. There are three levels of risk: low, medium, and high. Although a moderate danger is acceptable, it requires repairs and fire safety precautions. High-risk structures require more research. This will require a fire engineering investigation.

What Do I Need To Know About FRAEW?

FRAEW includes external wall construction, spandrel panel attachments, and attachments like balconies. It also considers nearby fire dangers, risks, evacuation routes, and fire service access. Qualified assessors are required to complete a comprehensive review. The proposal outlines the expectations for competence and evaluation methods.

The PAS 9980 fire risk assessment will provide more accurate evaluations of external walls, regardless of subjectivity.

What Buildings Are Included In PAS 9980 Coverage?

Let’s answer the question, “What is a PAS9980 fire risk assessment?”

PAS 9980 covers apartment buildings and other structures. The buildings must have the same fire strategy and escape architecture as residential buildings. PAS also includes student housing, sheltered housing, and specialised housing. Flats are also included.

Pas 9980 Wall Additions

PAS 9980 addresses fire spreading through multistory residential buildings of any height. PAS can be applied to either single- or mixed-wall structures. Also, structures that are partially explosive should be mentioned.

Exterior walls with rain-screen cladding are part of PAS wall construction. ETICS, especially rendered insulation, is included. PAS includes insulated core panels, infill/spread glass panels, and curtain walling.

Target Market For PAS 9980 What Is PAS 9980?

The PAS 9980 Fire Risk Assessment is intended for fire engineers and other construction professionals who need advice about the fire danger from existing blocks of flats’ outer walls.

It is also for construction professionals to receive evaluations or make decisions based on FRAEW results. This includes:

  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Architects
  • Landlords
  • HUD
  • Agents/Managers for Facilities
  • Firefighters


PAS 9980 Risk Assessment. PAS 9980 provides a wealth of information, including FRAEW reports, fire safety regulations, and standards. The glossary and case studies are included. This article is for fire engineers and building specialists. However, architects and building surveyors may also find it helpful.

PAS 9980 deals with fires that spread to multistory residential buildings of any height. Flats, student housing, and specialised housing are all covered by PAS 9980.

The main goals of PAS9980 are to provide a consistent method for assessing fire spread risk for all external wall assessments and to help those who receive the assessments to understand any related concerns.

The Facade Consultants should have explained PAS 9980’s implications for future fire risk assessment. Please visit our Site for more information on fire risk assessments and legislation.


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