The Stages of a Marriage Every Couple Has to Go Through

It’s a happy love stories Hindi that we all see in movies, TV, and music. In reality, love is not a destination.

We shouldn’t be surprised if, at some point during our relationship, we look back at all the hurdles we faced and say, ‘Well, that was it! We’re here! We made it! You are not far from the next hurdle.

Love–will eventually find itself looping back to Stage 1 to start the process all over again. But they can always get back.

This Love Cycles model is a result of my 30 years of experience as a couple’s therapist. It was developed from my studies of couples at all stages and common patterns.

Here are the stages of a relationship. What skills do couples need to get through each stage?

Stage 1 – The Merge

The honeymoon phase is the first stage in a relationship. This is the first stage of a relationship, and it often involves a sweeping romance. It includes an overwhelming joy in the company of our partner, as well as a passionate, insatiable bond.

These emotions can overwhelm our rational brain. This first stage of our brain’s development is marked by neurochemical changes, a mix of hormones that trigger and maintain an infatuation state, including dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin.

This brain glow can cause us to be “addicted to” our partners and ignore incompatibilities,

As our level of disappointment increases, so do our biological reactions to stress. It all depends on who we are and what our circumstances are. We might want to fight back or withdraw.

Stage 2 – Disillusionment

The third stage of a relationship, the Disillusionment Stage, is the final. This is the winter phase of love. For some, it may seem like the end. At this point, power struggles in the marriage have come to the surface. Now the obvious issues that the couple has repeatedly ignored are apparent.

Some people are constantly vigilant and ready for battle at any moment. Sometimes, couples might decide to part ways quietly. They may invest less energy in maintaining their relationship and put more effort into it.

Passionate love experience is often forgotten at this point. The “I” returns, feeling a lot more secure than our blissful former experience of “we.” Some couples may not be able to question their marriage, while others may interpret this as a signal that something needs to change.

Stage 3 – Decision

The Decision is the fourth stage of a relationship. This happens when you reach a breaking point. Emotional breakdowns are common, as is leaving home for hours to escape one another after a fight or engaging in self-protective behaviors. Indifference and distance are also common.

We make this Decision at this stage: whether we want to leave, stay, and do nothing despite our misery, or stay and try to fix this relationship.

Stage 4 – Wholehearted Love

It’s the season of love when the fruits are fully ripe and ready for you to enjoy. Couples find true individuation and self-discovery. They also learn to accept the imperfections of their partners and realize that there is no perfect match.




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