The ques of the Quran

The meaning of the 4 qul surah in the Quran is intellect or spiritual wisdom. In the book of “The Book of One Hundred and Eighteen”, it is mentioned that Knowledge is the key to eternal life. The meaning of this saying is that if you have the knowledge, then you are not concerned about material things. If you have intellect and wisdom, then you don’t have to worry about physical life. intellect and knowledge are the keys to eternal life in Islam.

Islam teaches you that knowledge is the only thing that will bring you happiness. If you don’t have intellect or knowledge, then life becomes a living hell for you. When you study the Quran in detail, you will understand the meaning of this statement. Studying the Quran can bring you the knowledge and an elevated sense of intellect. This intellect will help you in every walk of life.

The meaning of four in four is ‘unfolded’, or ‘one piece’ (un-ta) because in life you need to comprehend one piece of information before proceeding further. You cannot move on to another thing unless you first understand the whole meaning of the puzzle. So, life is very short and should be lived to the fullest. Life’s purpose is to live up to the expectations of Allah. Therefore, life should be full of intellectual activities and knowledge, which will bring us closer to our purpose.

4 Qul surah

The life’s meaning of 4 Qul surah in the Quran is ‘knowing Allah’. You have to understand the purposes of life and your role in it. Only when you have grasped this purpose of life, can you say your final goodbye to your earthly life and start on a new life in the Hereafter. This intellect will help you live your life according to the Quran, which is the true meaning of the Quran. Only if you have grasped this concept of life, you will be able to achieve the objectives set for you by the Quran.

Knowledge abounding in the Quran can only be mastered with the help of intellect. There are various ways to attain knowledge abounding in the Quran and to spread its knowledge to the world. Some of the most important means for spreading the knowledge abounding in the Quran are the following: books, newspapers, magazines, televisions, and the internet. It is believed that knowledge abounding in the Quran is not accessible in books alone. Certain books on the subject of the Quran are written by scholars,

but some books are written by laymen also have certain sections which are not understandable by people having little knowledge of the Quran and are very superficial in nature. Hence, it is very necessary to undertake a classroom knowledge of the Quran through a teacher so that the meaning of each part of the Quran is understood and the true essence of each part is made clear to students.

intellect of every Muslim

The intellect of every Muslim is as powerful as his ability to use his hands or any other objects that he finds relevant and beneficial. Hence, the intellect of each individual Muslim is as powerful as his skills in using his mind and intelligence. Hence, for a person to attain knowledge abounding in the Quran, he must always keep in mind the activities, which he is doing while he is performing them.

These activities are performed day in day out and without any breaks in the routine. Hence, it is not possible for a Muslim, to sit and understand the Quran when he is busy studying something else or when he is sleeping.

A Muslim man or woman who seeks perfection in his or her life must always try to read the with an intellect which is above all the other intellects of the people, who believe in the

Remember that reading the by heart is a great responsibility for a Muslim, who is planning to lead a tranquil and comfortable life. If you want your life to be free from all the worries and conflicts, then you must always make sure that you read the Quran with an intellect that is above all other intellects. You can read the Quran in the easiest way when you follow the correct instructions.

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