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The Prestashop Store Locator Module by Knowband is full of merits – Know more!

The Prestashop Store Locator Module is the best way to display a store locator on the front end of your website. In fact, the customers can access the presence of a shop by visiting an online seller’s website. Further, customers may locate the nearest shop and pick up the item. The Prestashop store pickup module allows store owners to offer consumers the option of picking up their orders. In fact, the shop information displays on a Google map by online vendors. Thus, the users may receive driving directions to the shops as well.

The Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin is very customizable. Further, allowing the store owner to show the distance, contact information, and store hours. A user-friendly interface is provided by the Prestashop in-store pickup addon. This Prestashop Store Locator Module is simple to connect for the store employee. In fact, multilingual compatibility is provided through the Prestashop pick-up module.

By offering a pick-up alternative on the site, the eCommerce business owner may enhance the buying experience. The eCommerce store admin may use Knowband’s Prestashop store pick up plugin to showcase retail stores on the store using Google Maps. Further, on the checkout page, shoppers may see the shop. In fact, they may select stores and examine the details. For instance, contact information, proximity, business name, and opening hours. Thus, after placing an order for goods, the consumer can go to the store and pick it up.

This Prestashop store locator and pickup module are very highly customizable. Moreover, works well. The store administrator can customize the store’s contact information, and more. Further, the hours of operation, name, and proximity like mentioned above. This Prestashop Store Locator Module has a clean user interface. In addition, is easy to install. Shoppers can acquire the merchandise without having to pay for shipping. By providing in-store pickup, the online store merchant may improve the consumers’ purchasing growth and enhance internet sales.

This blog talks about the privileges of the Prestashop Store Locator Module by Knowband.

Bonuses of installing the Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator plugin

  1. This Prestashop store locator module is simple to set up, tweak, utilize.
  2. This Prestashop store locator and pickup module is highly customizable to your liking.
  3. In fact, shoppers can collect the items from the nearby shop if the admin allows it.
  4. The store finder offers the flexibility to find the location. Moreover, read the necessary information about the store (the attributes mentioned earlier in the blog).
  5. Shoppers who select the in-store pickup option can collect their bought merchandise at the neighboring physical shop.
  6. Online shoppers can choose their favorite pick-up day and time.
  7. Incorporate the business’s coordinates to Google Maps so that clients may find the store closest to them. Further, thanks to the Google Maps integration, the location and distance are easily available.
  8. Admin can add as many actual stores as they like, and their locations will be displayed on a Google map.
  9. This Prestashop store pickup module is very customizable and works perfectly.
  10. The admin can customize the pick-up delay to meet his or her needs.
  11. In the new version of the Prestashop Store Locator Module, the customers benefit from the ‘Search As I move the Map’ feature.
  12. In addition to the above, the second benefit of the new update is that the admin can activate the available stores with a few clicks.

How is the Prestashop store pickup module helpful for your eCommerce business?

Provide consumers with a simple pick-up service

One of the most crucial aspects of your store’s sales is the smooth delivery of products to clients. Furthermore, the Knowband Prestashop in-store pickup plugin allows the admin to provide customers with pick-up services. In fact, the admin may display many locations on the checkout page using the Prestashop pick-up module. Additionally, the ones from which clients may select where they want to pick up their purchase.

The shipping costs have been diminished 

The delivery costs may be saved in the product transaction using the Prestashop plugin. In reality, he could simply direct them to the nearest physical store to pick up the items. As a result, shipping costs are reduced. Furthermore, consumers are not responsible for delivery costs. As a result, both the admin and the consumers benefit.

Because of the Google Maps connection, the physical shop locations are displayed

Google Maps is integrated into the Prestashop store location and pickup module. When it comes to presenting the real store’s location, the work is simple. Other properties can also be shown by the administrator. For example, the store’s contact information, distance, and more.


Using the Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup plugin, the e-merchant may effortlessly provide in-store pickup. On the website front-end interface, the online shop owner can connect a Google map and display numerous available local stores. Customers may check a list of available stores and pick up their orders at the one closest to them. To govern the pickup process, the eCommerce shop admin may easily select the date-time format, in-store pickup days gap, and maximum pickup days. Because the consumer may choose the goods himself, the store admin can decrease the trouble of order fulfillment. The Prestashop Store Locator add-on works with multiple stores and supports many languages. Consumers may also use their mobile devices. For instance, smartphones and tablets, to access the shop information.

Online shoppers are opting for stores that provide in-store pickup as well as online shopping. As a result, having the Prestashop store pick up plugin installed on your website is important. In fact, they can select a shop for pick-up and view the proximity from their position with the PrestaShop Google Maps Store Locator plugin. It’s a great choice for your shop because it eliminates the need for you (or your customers) to pay for delivery.

In case you are on the same platform that we are, you can step up and check out the plugin on the Knowband store. In fact, you can try your hand at configuring the backend and seeing the changes on the front end. Further, you can even learn about the setup in the User Manual. Last, if you have any issues or queries, let us know at

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