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The Perks of Online Tutoring Jobs

There was a time when every parent wanted their child to become a doctor or an engineer. They dismissed any other profession and wanted the child to pursue MBBS or engineering. While these are great professions, there are so many other jobs one can do and excel in that field. Teaching has also become a noble profession, especially after the pay hike. Professors are earning good money, and they are always ready to embrace a side hustle like online teaching jobs

Online teaching jobs are lucrative. If you are smart enough and have a good popularity among students, you will have the power to earn more than a doctor or an engineer. It is possible with online teaching jobs from home. 

It is about time that we should respect every job whether it is work from home or heading to the office. Work from home trend is not new and it is helping people reap multiple benefits. 

We’re here to shed light on the perks of online tutoring jobs from home. If you are still not convinced whether this job is lucrative or not, keep reading. 

Note: We will get to the monetary benefits later on, but first there are some points which you wouldn’t have figured out at this point. 

  • Online Tutors are NOT Teachers 

Now, this may sound round but online tutors are not regular teachers. In a classroom setting, some students share strained relationships with their teachers. Either the teacher thinks they are a weak student or they don’t pay attention. It is impossible to pay attention to every student’s needs in a classroom. We won’t blame the teacher simply because she/he may have a lot of pressure to finish lessons, prepare notes, check assignments/examination papers, etc. 

An online tutor is someone who would give undivided attention to your child. They’re not just there to give a lecture and leave – they are doing the job for your child. The exclusive attention is required because a student will be able to ask as many questions and get answers. 

You are not just a teacher or a mentor – you are someone whom the child relates with. There will be times when they will ask you questions related to mental health or how they can deal with bullying. Most students treat tutors as their guide or a friend whom they can share their concerns with. 

Since you are teaching one child, you can give them attention and hear out why they are not doing well in a particular subject. They may have a story to tell – so listen to them carefully. You are also playing the role of a counselor. 

  • No More Transportation Costs 

If you have thought about applying to schools and colleges, you must rethink your decision. It is not as easy as it sounds. You may think that you will go for an interview and get the job. Even if you DO get the job, you would have to travel every single day. 

School teachers get a fixed pay and sometimes it is not much. College professors still get a handsome payout, but once again it is a fixed income. 

You will have to pay for the transportation costs and then whatever comes in your hand will be your income. When you do online teaching jobs from home, you do not have to go anywhere. 

You can simply work from home and do all your home chores whenever  you get time. So, all the money that you get from the online teaching job, you will get to keep all of it and not spend it on transportation. There is no need to set an alarm to wake up early in the morning as most students opt for evening or afternoon tutoring. 

In a school setting, you have to ensure that you are wearing proper clothes and shoes. An online tutor can wear their home slippers and be comfortable while teaching. But of course, you must be presentable in an online class too. 

  • Say NO to Nagging 

When you are in a school setting, you will find different kinds of people who complain and nag all the time. They make faces and pass comments too. School politics can be ugly! 

Moreover, you need to be answerable to the principal. There is a possibility that this principal might interfere in your matters and not let you teach using your special methodologies. 

This brings us to the next point.

  • Add some Creativity 

A classroom setting does not allow you to be creative. Usually when the teacher enters the class, every student gets up to wish the teacher. The teacher starts lecturing, and asks the students to note down the important points. 

There is no student-teacher interaction and children cannot ask as many questions. They may or may not understand the concept, but the teacher is always right. It’s her job to enter the class, teach, and leave. She/he will give homework and not enough information on how you can go about it. 

Now let’s take the example of an online language tutor – they can include some fun activities to make the online class fun and engaging. They can ask you to watch a Spanish/French movie/song and translate it. 

Perhaps they could show you a visual on screen and ask you to describe it in another language. 

There is a lot more creativity online and you can also ask your students about their interests.Try to incorporate their interests in the next lesson. Perhaps they will pay more attention when you talk about their interests. Maybe you could tutor them the way they want to be tutored – by being fun and making the class more engaging. 

  • Let’s talk about money! 

An online tutor has the power to earn as much as they want. There is no fixed income so the payout depends on how many students you want to take onboard. 

You can tutor one student or even ten students. The choice is yours! You can see how your schedule looks and decide how many students you want to teach in a day. 

The payout will also depend on the hourly price you set. Some teachers charge $3 an hour and the more experienced ones may charge $100 for an hour. It depends on the subject and the expertise. 

Concluding Thoughts

Online tutoring jobs help you reap multiple benefits. It is one of the most lucrative jobs in the world. If you have the ability to teach and are an expert in some subject or a language, you must grab this opportunity. 

Some online tutoring platforms like Evopry do not even ask for a college degree. If you have expertise in a particular subject/language, that’s good enough to get started. So, go ahead and make a profile today! Once you get started, you will know how to attract more students and increase your earnings. Moreover, this will be an excellent teaching experience. 

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