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The Perfect Customer Feedback Tool for your SaaS Companies in 2022

Customer feedback software have made considerable progress since the times of physically connecting with a long, exhausting client input study. You can now browse a wide scope of devices, intended to assist you with catching client criticism you want to steer your SaaS in the correct bearing.

In the Product-Led period, paying attention to your clients has never been more significant. I will clarify precisely why you ought to listen your clients on the off chance that you’re not as of now.

Then, at that point, I’ll go through the kinds of client input reviews – microsurvey and long-structure – clarifying the professionals, cons, and use cases for each. At long last, I’ll show you 8 of the best client input devices for your SaaS feedback.

What is Client feedback software?

Customer feedback software in SaaS alludes to gathering noteworthy input and client bits of knowledge on client experience and opinion through a review feedback software put inside your application.

Overview information gathered is critical for item upgrades and further developing consumer loyalty high, and it’s typically gathered utilizing on the web programming.

For what reason do you NEED to gather Client feedback?

Lately, SaaS has seen a colossal shift towards bringing the voice of the client into any significant item choices.

There are a couple of purposes behind this:

  • You’re assembling your item for your clients – you want buyer input to fabricate a superior item
  • It fortifies associations with clients – accumulates criticism and shutting the input circle works on your correspondence with your clients
  • Clients request to be heard-they need to feel appreciated and have something to do with the heading of the item

Use user feedback tools to build better products

This could sound self-evident, yet a great deal of SaaS organizations appear to fail to remember it. You’re not building an item for you, you’re building it for your clients.

You really must get that, and use client input devices saas centered to make tweaked overviews and accumulate potential component demands and remain in total agreement with what your clients need.

Your item is intended to take care of an issue (or perhaps various issues) for your clients. The better your item is at taking care of that issue, the more joyful your clients, and the more fruitful your SaaS.

There are a lot of ways you can sort out what to work straightaway. You can conceptualize inside, you could investigate different items on the lookout, or you could direct definite examination.

However, one of the best (and least demanding) approaches to realizing which bearing your SaaS should head is by paying attention to your clients.

These are individuals who utilize your item consistently.

Some of them will realize your item better than you do. However, more significantly, they comprehend their concern in undeniably more detail than you at any point will. It’s their concern, all things considered.

Also that implies that they’re in the best situation to contemplate how your SaaS can assist them with tackling it.

Without a doubt, you would rather not indiscriminately submit to all of client criticism you gather, yet you ought to ensure you tune in out.

That is what a client input apparatus is for.

Use user feedback tools to strengthen relationships with customers

SaaS organizations are based on connections. The association between your SaaS and your clients is principal to progress.

One method for fostering those associations is to pay attention to your clients’ input.

Why? Since it shows you trust them. It shows them that you genuinely esteem their viewpoints and information sources. Therefore, they’re bound to trust you. That is the manner by which connections work.

That, yet it additionally helps structure a local area around your SaaS. Your clients will feel like they’re important for the group as though they’ve had an impact in the improvement of your item.

What this then, at that point, does is provide clients with a superior feeling of pride with your SaaS. This fortifies connections, prompting advocates who spread the news about your item and stick around as long as possible.

Use a customer feedback tools to listen to your customers

Most would agree we live in a customer driven economy. Clients have more power, more influence, than at any other time and each business endeavors to become client driven.

Everything revolves around them, the clients.

Furthermore that implies that these days clients would simply prefer not to be heard, don’t anticipate being heard, they request it.

On the off chance that you don’t utilize a client input apparatus to pay attention to your clients, then, at that point, you’re in a tough situation. Your clients will begin to address whether they need to work with an organization that doesn’t appear to esteem their perspectives.

Chances are, they’ll begin to head somewhere else, to a SaaS that regards them and stands by listening to what they need to say.

Paying attention to client criticism is currently only a piece of business life. On the off chance that you’re not making it happen, then, at that point, you’re distancing your clients.

7 Best Customer Feedback Software For 2022


Feedsocio is perhaps the most remarkable criticism programming that helps SaaS Companies in propelling their administration. This device gathers the most important client criticism and audits straightforwardly from them and utilizations these experiences to construct the business.

With the component that permits your clients to decide in favor of your thought, this instrument speeds up the development of your image. Furthermore the best part is the easy to understand interface that takes out the idea of turbulent accommodation and offers the least difficult ways for the clients to present their input.

Estimating Feedsocio is the free and most reasonable method for get-together client criticism straightforwardly from them. You can simply launch your business with a free arrangement. The valuing plans from that point change contingent on the size of the business and traffic on the site.


Mouseflow is the criticism device that helps the SaaS organizations to replay the meeting accounts and audit heatmaps that in the end investigate the client encounters.

This instrument could be utilized to accumulate input on explicit fragments of your business pages, for example, you can know what clients feel about the new component that has been fused in your web application.

Estimating Starting from free plans, the apparatus value range goes up to $299 each month.


A lace is a straightforward instrument that smoothes out the client input circle. It allows the clients to present their important thoughts and add them to different classifications. This assists the item with joining survey the thoughts, focus on them and add the most applicable ones to the guide.

Aside from social affair client criticism, it even lets the clients upvote different thoughts. Additionally, it informs/refreshes the client at whatever point their thought is being considered by the item group.

Evaluating Currently, you can pursue free, yet the item costs $50 each month.


Like Mouseflow, Hotjar is the input apparatus that can be utilized to identify the quarrel in your examination information. How?

Take, for example; you experience a precarious dropoff in the transformations on your site’s presentation page. This drop rate has been dissected in Google Analytics, however you can’t sort out the explanation. Here comes salvage this input apparatus. With Hotjar, you can undoubtedly recognize rage clicks, survey the heatmaps, and replay the accounts of the client meetings to get the total report of the current circumstance.

Valuing The evaluating of the apparatus significantly relies upon the traffic upon your site, however you can in any case begin with a free arrangement. Discussing independent ventures, the value ranges between $39 to $99 each month.


As the name proposes, with this client criticism programming, you can gather all the client input client evaluations, catch itemized client courses of events, and advance guest following as screen capture reports.

It is quite possibly the most productive method for equiping all the colleagues with the most credible information regarding the clients. Basically, it is the blend of client driven item plan and client driven QA plan.

Estimating The apparatus evaluating ranges between $29 to $149 each month.


To have an itemized overview of your client’s excursion, the Fullstory is one of the most proficient apparatuses for your SaaS organization. It can help you in survey and dissecting each little piece of your client’s advancement.

Very much like an examination stage, this apparatus contains meeting replays, channel testing, progressed look, and heatmaps. In this you can audit the heatmaps, replay the meetings, and get the reports of the pipe testing to get nitty gritty bits of knowledge into the client’s insight.

Estimating Fullstory just offers custom plans.


SurveyMonkey is one of the most well known devices for studies. It gives you a rundown of significant inquiries that one can pose to their clients to be familiar with their experience and accumulate their criticism.

Evaluating The estimating plans of the SurveyMonkey programming contain $25 each month and $75 each month.


Client input programming is the main element to realize your business better and comprehend the necessities of your client. It is subsequently essential to pick the most fitting input apparatus for your SaaS organization.

You should zero in on the client input device that not just gives a basic connection point to the clients to give the criticism yet in addition permits the organizations to carry out the input for a higher achievement rate.

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