The Never-ending Fascination With Shuriken

Even after all these years, the allure around throwing stars is just as fresh because of their uniqueness.

If you are an avid fan of martial arts like I am, you’re probably pretty familiar with throwing stars. They are featured in many action movies and are a favorite for weapon lovers as well. Originally known as the shuriken, throwing stars are pointed metal disks to swish through the air. Popularized by ninjas in Japan, the real throwing stars were stealth weapons made for distraction. They helped detract the enemy from pursuit or lightly injure them to throw them off the scent.

You can see them being featured in films and videogames as well as comic conventions. Weapon enthusiasts like to collect them as trophy weapons for the showcase.

Recreating the Ninja Vibe With Shuriken

Nothing says ninjas like black masks and throwing stars. They are a classic combination that dates back centuries. But even after all this time, these weapons have made it into popular culture and are revered by all.

There are two ways that one can use a ninja star in real life. You either have to be a martial arts trainee or a collector. Either way, they are just as significant today as they were when they were in proper use. In martial arts training, you get to learn the advanced art of throwing weapons, primarily ninja stars.  If you are also an aspiring martial artist, you can count on mastering the delicate art of throwing stars.

While the classical design of the throwing star is pretty close to what it was ages ago, the material is better. You can now find a larger array of metal ninja stars including steel, copper, and titanium for better durability.

Are Ninja Stars Illegal In the United States?

  • On the face of it, a shuriken is not something to be taken lightly. You can hurt yourself pretty badly if you don’t know how to use a ninja star properly.
  • But on the other hand, since they are not prevalent weapons, they also count as antique collectibles.
  • The line is possession and usage forth legality of shuriken in America. As a collectible, there is no federal law about buying or owning ninja stars.
  • But if you use one in intimidation or a crime, they are illegal and possession can be penalized.
  • There is also some debate about the fact that ninja stars are part of martial arts equipment. Some training institutes have also handed in petitions to legalize them as sporting goods.

Ninja Weapons You Can Buy And Master

As a martial artist in training, the good news is that ninja weapons are available in the market. You have access to them at Kung Fu schools where they professionally teach you how to use them. Given the fascination people have with them, ninja stars among other weapons can be found.

Although there is no guarantee that you will be able to find high-quality, original weapons in your area. If you have a designated store that sells martial arts weapons, you will get the real deal. There are real upsides to buying and learning ninja weapons. Even if you don’t get to use your training too often, you can defend yourself and others against crimes.

If you learn to properly use real ninja stars, you can save your life from danger. But even if you don’t have to use your training for protection, throwing weapons is a unique skill to master. You can perform all sorts of tricks with them that can become your special offering to the party.

Best Collection Of Real Ninja Stars For Sale Online

As discussed earlier, you’d be lucky if you do find a couple of throwing stars in your local market. However, if you are a collector, the most impressive weapons you will find will be online. There is always a larger pool to search through and find ideal pieces for the collection. You can also compare prices and just the right throwing weapons you need.

There are many options for you to look online, but if you want high-quality, PA Knives is the place to go. Unlike your local outlets, you will have a better chance of finding what you are looking for on their page. You will find a vast collection of ninja weapons including throwing stars for training and décor. Given the high demand for modern versions of ninja stars, there are many products to choose from.

You can browse through the dozens of options, each more exciting than the last. When it comes to training, you need the best equipment that suits beginners and professionals. As collectors, the outlook of the weapon is more attractive. Luckily for you, PA Knives caters to both these requirements and offers wholesale ninja weapons. You can pay less and gain more out of the products on their page.

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