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The Most Suitable Sound Cloud banner size Guide

A good visual presence is essential for every artist, including musicians and podcasters. In fact, it’s far more critical! Your SoundCloud banner, profile photo, and cover art will decide whether or not a potential fan will listen to your music. They come for the branding, but they stay for the music!

That is why we have gathered all of the crucial data your banner needs to be effective, including the precise SoundCloud banner size and how you can simply design a SoundCloud banner on your own, no design skills required!

What is a SoundCloud Banner?

The graphic that appears at the very top of your SoundCloud profile is known as a SoundCloud banner. It’s the biggest graphic on a SoundCloud profile, making it one of the essential pictures. Even when compared to record covers!

Why Is It Important?

Consider your banner picture to be a billboard; it occupies the majority of the real estate on your SoundCloud profile. This makes it an ideal location for branding elements such as logos, photographs, and other band visuals.

This banner also appears in the artist search. As one of the first impressions a potential listener would have of your music or podcasts, these makes it one of the most powerful images on your profile.

Long-time listeners and admirers will be drawn in by an appealing SoundCloud banner, such as the one seen below.

Click the image to start editing.

What is the SoundCloud Banner Size?

SoundCloud Banner Size

Your SoundCloud banner must be at least 520 pixels tall by 2480 pixels wide to avoid pixelation or blurriness. SoundCloud banner dimensions can be greater, but not tinier!

Ensure to save your banner as a JPG or PNG with a file size of no more than 2MB.

SoundCloud Album Cover Art Size

At 800 pixels wide by 800 pixels height, the album cover size is slightly less than the SoundCloud profile image size, resulting in a ratio of 1:1.

The upload size is 800 by 800 pixels. We recommend producing an album art cover with a resolution of at least 1400 by 1400 pixels at 300 DPI. If you ever wish to generate physical prints, this will make the cover print-ready.

Cover art is likewise limited to a 2MB file size when submitting your album and must be uploaded as a PNG or JPG.

Note – You can also read 43 inch smart TV review for enjoying platforms such as YouTube and sound cloud as the TV models contains Android systems.

SoundCloud Profile Picture Size

The SoundCloud profile image is 1000 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall, a 1:1 ratio. While it is possible to go smaller than 1000 by 100 pixels, it is not advised because SoundCloud will expand the picture depending on the screen your profile is viewed on.

Your profile image, like your banner, should be less than 2MB in size and saved as a PNG or JPG.

SoundCloud Banner Design Tips

1. Keep it Simple

When creating your own SoundCloud banners, strive to adhere to the “less is more” principle. Text such as names, dates, or quotations should be avoided. When viewing the banner on different devices, text may be chopped off because SoundCloud may crop your header picture to match the size of the screen. Instead, go for more powerful images and iconic iconography.

If you need to include something like a logo or business name, put it in the center of your banner, so it doesn’t get clipped.

2. Make it Large

While 2480 by 520 pixels is the minimum SoundCloud banner size, don’t be scared to go bigger! Uploading a bigger SoundCloud header size helps to combat compression and results in a slightly higher quality banner picture.

SoundCloud will reduce your banner, but by doing so, it will be able to keep more detail, resulting in a crisper-looking image. Remember to always go bigger, never smaller!

3. Make Sure it’s on Brand.

Maintain consistency and on-brand visuals by ensuring that your SoundCloud banner, profile photo, and maybe even your newest album cover all match. If possible, match the colors, typefaces, and pictures.

Viewers wanna know what they are getting into before they start listening. Make sure the images on your profile correctly portray the type of music you create.

SoundCloud Banner Examples

1. The Read

The Read, a comedy podcast, has a highlighted color that is a bright red. This gives the banner a lively atmosphere while yet allowing the hosts’ basic personalities to take center stage.

Because people typically tune in to a podcast for the personalities of the hosts, and this podcast is intended for amusement and humor, adding cartoon versions of the hosts was an excellent option. It provides the banner individuality while also indicating the type of podcast this is going to be.

The Read exemplifies how a comedic podcast can still have nice SoundCloud banners!

2. Billboard

The official Billboard SoundCloud adopts a minimalist style, with a black and white color scheme and large typography. They are keeping their identity and branding in the spotlight. This is successful because it reduces the amount of visible compression to virtually nothing, preserving the image’s sharpness, usefulness, and professional appearance.

Take note of how their profile photo matches the black backdrop in the banner, blending the two and creating a seamless transition from one to the other!

If you want to prevent image compression, a mostly black SoundCloud banner is usually a good option.

3. Beach Bunny

Beach Bunnies, an alternative rock band, SoundCloud profile stands out owing to uniformity in design and color. The same general colors and artistic style are utilized across the board, from album covers to banner pictures.

They then utilize a band shot as their profile image, which features the same pastel blues and picks as the rest of their profile.

Beach Bunny features their current music in their header picture; if you want to do the same, make sure you have the right SoundCloud banner proportions, or else a crucial image will be buried. Maintain the centered position as indicated below!

Final Thoughts

If you’re a musician looking to share your music or a podcaster looking to create a new listening fan base, SoundCloud is the place to be! And, even if your work is simply audio, the images you combine with it are just as essential! This is why the SoundCloud banner size is so important.

With so many podcasts and bands to select from, artists only have seconds to get a new listener! Using a tool like Fotor’s SoundCloud banner generator will not only save you time but will also ensure that your banner is correctly scaled and styled, putting you ahead of the competitors!

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