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Tinola is busy laying mini school eggs to throw female clothing moths into destructive invaders and to start a nice lu at the bottom of wardrobe divisions. When all moth species reproduce, feed, and develop into adults, they go through different stages of their moth lifespan. Understanding the life cycle and behavior of a clothing insect is the first step in determining how you deal with an insect, the severity of the infestation, and how to deal with it. Working with each stage of life will require different methods and tools as described below.

The life cycle of a cloth moth

Laying eggs: Once mating occurs, the females lay 40 to 50 eggs for 4-21 days which are mixed in the larvae of the feeding machine.

Larvae hatch: These survive for an unusually long time up to 50 years before puppets, feeding on the fibers of your clothing all the time.

Larvae Puppets: They wrap themselves in a silk case with feces and fibers. When persuaded, they drag their bodies into their silk turbans, eating as they go.

They become insects: moth companions and run the cycle again and again, from May to October.

The life cycle lasts about 65-90 days, with female adult insects surviving about 30 days and possibly laying 300 eggs.

The larvae hatching from the eggs are harmful, because the adult moths themselves, known as “millers”, pose no threat to your knitwear. The larvae are notorious for feeding on fur, hair, skin, cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fibers – in fact, they can get face in anything.

The adult stage of the cloth moth

The common cloth insect, also known as the webbing cloth moth, Tinola is surprisingly small in size, 5 to 8 mm in length.

Adult moth headlight red hair with a small patch of a buff or beige color

Adult moths are not powerful flyers and prefer darker than light, so if your insects are not heavy you will not see them flying and if you do this you will see very shaking in the lower parts of your house. If you look at the above, they probably have a scratched screen.

Because of their size, they are hard to see if they do not catch your eye by shaking you

Adults dress and reproduce moth mates but do not directly feed or damage materials.

Adult female clothing insects emit a pheromone that male cloth insects can detect through their antennae. The pheromone clouds fly and the man looks for the wife and later reunites. 

How do I know if I have cloth bugs?

A general indication is that there is evidence of damage to one. It usually shows itself in the form of irregularly shaped holes in clothing or if you have a lot of infestation of cloth insects, you may notice what is known as ‘webbing’ in clothing.

Why do I have clothes as moths?

Clothing insects can enter a home through one of several routes, though either by purchasing a garment or product contaminated by two common or already contaminated eggs or larvae or by flying adult clothing insects from a neighboring property having an open window.

Tips to stop adult clothing moths

If you find that the adult insects that grow around you can be a well-established infection around you.

To watch the adult episode, you need to use the moth lifespan Trap Box or moth lifespan Dock. Both products use the same pheromones specifically for female webbing clothes moths.

Moth decay

Moth Dokoy uses pheromones in the same unique tablet-like product that spreads pheromones in the bodies of male mouths, reducing their partner-finding and reproduction and consequently preventing them from laying eggs.

Cloth moth egg stage

Once mated, an adult female dress insect lays 40 to 50 eggs in 2 to 3 weeks and then dies.

Eggs are kept alone or in small groups, such as in folds of cloth or hidden in materials such as soft furniture. The eggs are the size of a pinhead.

The eggs hatch in 4 to 10 days in summer and take up to 3 weeks to hatch in winter.

The larval stage of the cloth moth

The eggs are laid in the larvae, which look like dark cream-colored worms with dark heads.

Newly grown larvae are about 1 mm long but up to 12 mm large. It is at a destructive stage because the larvae have to chew and feed the natural keratinized natural ingredients like cashmere, wool, silk, feathers, furs, and leather.

They are less likely to be fed synthetic fiber but it is possible if they are fed with human excretions such as food stains, skin cells, and sweat.

The larvae make silk threads that look like webbing. They eat, grow, shed their skin, and repeat.

Pupation stage of cloth moth

The fully-grown larvae spin the case like a sleeping bag made of silk about 8 mm long.Transform inside an adult moth.

Adult moths grow for about 8 to 10 days in summer or 4 weeks in winter and the whole cycle starts again.

If not verified, each lifecycle multiplies destructive larvae to

What attracts moths in clothes?

The larvae convert the protein keratin present in hair and fur into useful nutrients.

Moth holes are not caused by adult insects, but by the larvae of cloth moths. They like the dark and they feed mainly on woolen garments – although you collect non-wool with wool. They probably mixed as well.



The first task is to kill the larvae and any eggs so that they do no more harm. The easiest way to do this is to put the infected items in a sealed plastic bag. Refrigerate them for a few days.


The tactical way to deal with moth lifespan is to hate them, similarly, your old lady can do with her socks.

Patch it

If you have a large hole or are not a fan of fancy. You can always put a patch on top of the insect holes. Either you can make your own patches using fabric scraps and fusible webbing, for example, Bondage. You can buy patches made of different sizes. 

You can buy all these things from a good craft store or online. Alternatively, you can buy Wolfler kits online so you have everything you need for several holes.

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