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The kind of flowers which can be found in India

Many varieties of flowers are grown in different seasons of India. These may vary according to the other regions of India, as many types of climates are found here. Some commonly used flowers are as follows.


It is often found in white color, which is a symbol of peace and purity. It is offered to Lord Shiva and Vishnu. There are many species of jasmine grown around the globe. Some Indian people also cook this flower and eat in the form of food.

This seems weird, and others may think that a dish made from any would-be wrong in taste, but this dish tastes outstanding. It is used for curing many diseases. 


Roses are found in many colors, and these may vary in the amount of scent they have. Some of them can have more fragrance than others. Jams and jellies made of red-colored roses are very yummy, and these are considered to be rich sources of vitamin c.

People give roses to their loved ones to show their love on valentine’s day. Roses are also used in floral decorations at weddings and important events. This flower is also used in medicines.

The rose’s original color is red, which is an attractive color other than that; these are also found in white, pink, and magenta colors. People give bouquets of roses to near and dear ones at special events. Sometimes wedding gowns and some other dresses of women are made from different colored roses. 


It is also known as valerian, available in all seasons. It has many medicinal properties, and one of them is relieving stress. Indian people considered these flowers promising to be used during prayers.


This yellow or orange colored f is considered to be most pious to be used in Hindu ceremonies. It is used in many kinds of decorations in these events. At Indian weddings, it is the custom to use this flow for making garlands. These are garlands used to perform the central ritual of marriage to put these garlands in each other’s neck by bride and groom.

Women use marigold to enhance the beauty of their hair. This flower is used in offerings to Hindu gods and goddesses. Garlands of this flower are also offered to lords at temples. They also shower the petals of this flower to Hindu lords. Yellow and orange colors of marigold flowers are symbols of sunshine, and these are cheerful colors. 


These grow in large numbers that can be up to one or two lakh per stem. The aroma of this flower can reach distant places. These have an orange-like fragrance.  You can go online flower delivery in Delhi and any other city at your doorstep.


It is a national flower of India, and it has some religious values as well and grown in water, and people use their roots for making dishes. It also bears fruit, which is green in color and is eaten raw. These are mostly found in pink color, and this color is a symbol of mother-love or women’s love.

There are also flowers like daffodils, pansy, hibiscus, etc. These flowers can make a garden more pleasing where these are grown. Some of them are evergreen. Some flowers need proper care and attention, while some can flourish themselves once planted. The aroma and beautiful colors of these flowers, especially after the blooming season, give an elegant effect. 

Flowers are gifted to people to express love and to make them feel happy. The bouquet of various blossoms can be sent to friends and family members as a present on birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations. They can send flowers online if they want to send them to another city or country. 

For example, they can send flowers to Delhi, or they can send flowers to Australia. One can plant a variety of blooms in the garden with the help of which it can be made more appealing. There are multiple species of flowers that require no much care and give better results once planted.

These can grow even in pots if space is less. These can be bought from nurseries, and these local florists are not so expensive. However, one can compromise for the price if getting good quality. Flowers are the symbol of prosperity, and anyone can forget worries if they look at these blossoms. 

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