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The Impossible Writing Guide: How To Write A PhD Thesis

One of the most necessary parts of a Ph.D. doctoral degree is the Ph.D. thesis itself. Most people when they get to the Ph.D. phase, do not understand how to write a thesis. Since this is the most common problem during the higher education phase, it is comprehensible too.

For starters, students usually mix up a thesis and a dissertation as one mainly because of the similarities that they both have, but are they different? Nobody is clear on that which explains why a student should have proper knowledge about everything before getting into something.

So, before working on a thesis, a student should first probably understand the basics and all the things that you should know about. Check out this page till the end because we have talked a lot about the correct way how to write a Ph.D. thesis.

How to Write a Dissertation Step by Step

Dissertations are always given once you reach the Ph.D. part of your academic life. It is a long piece of document which summarises the research that you did. Since it has a lot of value and your whole Ph.D. depends on it, you need to do it the right way.

Therefore, what better way to start the process is by knowing about the format, right? Check out the correct format list given below which would exactly tell you how to write my dissertation step by step.

1) A Title

A title is a must, so add the research title that you were working on. Along with that, add the institution name (where you would be sending the research) too.

2) An Introduction

In an introduction, make sure to make it in a way that a reader could understand all sorts of aspects that they would be reading later in this dissertation about the research. No point in working on a dissertation if the reader could solely not comprehend the purpose of this lengthy document.

3) Literature Review

Before working on this one, you must scan previous works related to it and analyze the topic. Moreover, journals, books, and research articles are employed in an assortment of data that is later analyzed. After that, connections are made up of the various information collected.

4) Methodology

This part explains how the analysis is going to be conducted. The sort of research to be used is presented, the strategy accustomed to collecting knowledge, the research space is stated, data analysis is described, any tool used, limitations, and also the justification of the alternatives created once grouping data. All of this would be part of this particular section.

5) Findings

Use charts, tables, histograms, etc to show your findings of the research. It shows the outcome of the methodology, and what efforts you took to do the research.

6) Abstract

Now, this is the research summary. In a page or less, it gives the whole goals and everything about the research. Do not get confused when we earlier said that a dissertation is the research summary because it is. This is just a part of it.

7) Acknowledgment

Give acknowledgment credits to the people who have helped you during your research. It can be anybody. Do not make it appear like you did everything by yourself because that is just not realistic and we all know that. So, do this honestly.

8) Content Table

During the dissertation writing, you need to make it nicely written and add sub-sections.

9) Figures and Tables

If you have any of it, then just number them to make it easier and simpler for the readers to
check. This part depends on the topic of the research. It does not have to be included in
each dissertation.

10) Abbreviation

Add abbreviations that you used to show what they represent. It would keep things
more clear and open.

11) Discussion

Add this section to get recommendations on how to improve it. You would want to know
about the thoughts of the reader which would be even more beneficial for you.

12) Conclusion

Now, just summarise everything, every question here. Just like what a conclusion actually
does not matter in what form of writing it is added in.

13) Give Reference

Make sure to give references to all the resources that you used. Just like the other similar
parts, it would also help you make the reader understand and notice how much effort you
put into the research.

14) Appendices

Last and at the final step, just add all the surveys, questionnaires, or transcripts over here.

About Thesis and Dissertation

After you have understood the process of a dissertation, you should know about the thesis and a dissertation. Also, there is not much of a difference between them other than the time that they both get completed.

Moreover, after getting done with the master’s program, there is a need to make a thesis to mark the end of it. Whereas in the dissertation, you do it when you are a part of the doctoral study (the Ph.D. phase).

Both of these written documents are very lengthy. Did you know that a dissertation takes about a year to get completed and it is also made into 300 pages maximum? This does not happen with a thesis.

So, the moral of this knowledge is that even though dissertation and thesis might sound a lot similar, they are two different things and used at different times as well.

What Dissertation Help Could We Provide You?

After we have given you a full-fledged brief knowledge of the dissertation guide, we have more to offer you. So, even though we have tried to be your dissertation tutor, the real help that you could get is from a dissertation writing service that would provide you with professional help.

Even though most students prefer not to take help from anyone, they end up making a bad dissertation just because it is not something that is their cup of tea. Since this piece of document is very necessary and valuable, you should not take a risk on it.

Therefore, we suggest The Student Helpline website which provides highly affordable online dissertation help writing services. They are highly convenient, submit work before the deadline, make high-quality content and provide 24/7 assistance.

Due to their anytime assistance services, it makes it easier to contact them and take their services. Moreover, they also are subject matter experts, so they could help you with any kind of university help that you need.

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