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The Importance of Furniture Upholstery and Tips to Choose a Fabric

People wish to have a house that offers maximum comfort and luxury. But one has to buy certain things and decorate the house to improve its look and feel. A house is incomplete without furniture that includes everything from beds, chairs, tables, shelves, sofas, recliners, and cabinets.

There are various types of furniture that homeowners place both inside and outside a home. However, most of the stylish and elegant furniture features in the interior of the house. The furniture options also vary from one room to another. For example, living room furniture includes sofas, chaises, chairs, recliners, coffee tables, bookcases, and end tables, while bedroom furniture consists of beds, nightstands, dressers, headboards, chests, and mattresses.

What is Upholstered Furniture?

Any furniture item that is partly or fully stuffed with certain material is called ‘Upholstered furniture.’ In general terms, upholstery is the material that may include fabric, webbing, springs, and padding that may provide cushioning for the sofa, chairs, or other furniture.

Apart from mainstream furniture, the upholstered furniture may include children’s furniture, seats in automobiles and boats, and furniture used for physical fitness. The furniture featuring stylish upholstery may be movable or stationary. The cushions are additional items that enhance the beauty and comfort of the furniture.

The concept of furniture upholstery started in the Middle Ages and was very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Over the years, there has been massive growth, and today upholstery in furniture is common across the world. Due to advancements in technology, now we have a wide range of materials for cushioning and exterior coverings.

The modern upholstery makes furniture versatile, elegant, and soft. The upholstery on the beds, sofas, and dining chairs is quite popular. Without proper cushioning and coverings, the wooden or metal furniture will be uncomfortable sitting or lying on.

How to Choose Upholstery Fabric

The modern upholstery fabric includes cotton, leather, polyester, velvet, synthetic fibers, suede, silk, linen, faux fur, and vinyl. Few home improvement companies are offering homeowners online search and order upholstery fabric.

All the options are neatly displayed on the online websites, which you can easily search and select. There is a wide range of options that you can easily browse through and choose the best upholstery fabric for your furniture.

  • Season
  • Furniture type
  • Fabric type
  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Brand
  • Fabric width

There are certain aspects that you need to consider to order furniture upholstery fabric online which are

  • Color

The first choice that most people make when buying furniture is selecting a color. The type of color depends on the room, color of the wall, and color of other furnishings. The safest choice is choosing a neutral color that can last long. The delicate colored fabrics are not the right choice if you have little kids and pets. Warm and cool colors impact the mood of the room.

  • Style

The selection of fabric style depends on the type of furniture and interior design, and décor of the house. The traditional or contemporary style depends on the piece of furniture and its price. If you have a vintage sofa, then traditional style is more feasible.

  • Durability

The furniture upholstery can be expensive, so you need to select a durable fabric. The material selection varies with different furniture. The durability also depends on where the furniture is placed and little kids and pets in the house. A microfiber or leather fabric is best if a pet cat or dog shares the furniture.

The Important Elements of Furniture Fabric

In furniture upholstery, there is not one fabric that fits all as there are dozens of different types of furniture. For example, colorful cotton fabric with beautiful patterns may be ideal for a chair but not a 2 or 4 seater sofa.

In furniture fabric selection, the woven and printed patterns matter, so do the number of threads and tight weaves. The number of threads means the amount of thread per square inch of the fabric.

Choosing the wrong material will affect the style and durability of the furniture. Similarly, pick the wrong color and pattern, and the style of the entire room will suffer.

Many people think that the exterior material is what matters most and tend to ignore the inner material. Durable and stylish furniture has quality exterior and interior material. The interior materials may not be visible, but the factor that makes the furniture hard or soft to sit or lie on. The fabric may face regular wear and tear, but it is easy to replace nowadays.

The furniture pieces in the living room or exterior space need to be made from high-quality material to sustain the regular activity. However, furniture items that do not see much activity can sport any material. You need to consider the price of fabric and also the cost that the furniture will be holstered.

If you have little children and pets, then most experts suggest faux suede and distressed leather. The amount of sunlight coming into the room and moisture in the air are two factors that you need to consider. The selection of material also depends on mildew resistance and fade resistance.

The Tips to Consider when Purchasing Furniture Upholstery

You may have the luxury to choose the best fabric for the furniture, but you may not have the skills to perform the upholstery work. The typical way is to contact and employ the services of skillful carpenters and décor specialists. The expert workers have the experience to work on various wooden and steel frames.

The new trend these days is getting stain-resistant fabric that is easier to clean and manage. Buying fabric online can be challenging as you may not get to feel the fabric. However, some of the tips to consider are

  • Pick a fabric that compliments both the furniture and interior design of the room
  • The material of large furniture items should be strong and not sag in the middle
  • Consider the fabric weight
  • Choose the material with a smooth finish that is easier to clean
  • Select the material that is less likely to cause any allergies. Some fabrics can easily transfer dirt, allergens, and pet hairs, so you should avoid them
  • Chairs and sofa may appear light, but proper cushioning can provide proper support for maintaining balance
  • Ensure there are no loose nails or staples of wood that protrude once the upholstery work is done

Comfort is a major factor in deciding the best furniture and its fabric. If most of your day is spent reading, watching television, and sitting up, then an upholstered headboard is a must. The extra pillows will add to the luxury and comfort. The online websites give you the convenience to browse through a wide array of fabric furniture and even customize it according to the particular furniture piece.


It would be best if you made sure that the colors, patterns, and texture all work together and uplift the style and comfort of the house. Online websites can give you a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. You can easily select the fabric and order it and receive it within 5 to 7 days.

The type of best fabric comes down to furniture items, usage, and your budget. The degree of fabric usage depends on where the furniture is located. You have to pick a material that can stand up to usage and not get affected by stains and other damage.

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