The advent of media and technology has brought about a revolutionary change in the entire world.  Be it any field, media and technology have changed the way things are done. It has made access to information easier, it has opened up the world to cultural assimilation, and has added speed and efficiency to all fields. Books and literature is one such field that has been significantly impacted by this growth of media and technology. Earlier, only a few books used to gain popularity and remain prevalent for a long time. Due to lack of awareness, people did not have access to many books. However, as time passed by, literature started to gain popularity and writing became a full-fledged business on its own. In recent times, the dynamics of this field have changed drastically. Here’s how. 

What’s Trending!

Given the immense competition that exists in this field, it is not easy for new and young authors to make a place for themselves. Also, it is not easy and pocket-friendly to publish books on one’s own prerogative. In recent times, self-publishing agencies have come up that have made book publishing easier. It has made the process smoother and cost efficient for the new authors. Also, they can seek expert opinions from leading experts in this field. This not only enables them to improve their current work, but also adds immensely to their learning for the future. While self-publishing continues to gain popularity, another trend seems to quickly make its way. 

Author publicity services are the up and coming trend in the field of literature. In today’s day and age, mere word of mouth is not sufficient. People today are not ignorant. They are quite aware of what they do, what they buy and what they read. In the case of reading, they only tend to rely on credible sources for selection of books and authors. 

About Author Publicity

Author publicity means writing and publishing content about authors on popular platforms. This is done in order to generate traffic that in turn converts such viewers in readers. Author publicity has gained quite some significance in a short span of time. Some leading publishing agencies have started providing such services at affordable prices. One such prominent platform is MindStir Media. It is the leading self-publishing agency in Los Angeles. It was started by J.J. Herbert, and is currently the best self-publishing house. It is promoted by the likes of Kevin Harrington. Its self-publishing services have transformed the lives of many young authors and made them successful. Now, given the fact that competition is on the rise, it has become important to promote authors as well. MindStir Media provides quality author PR services wherein articles are written and published about the authors. These articles are firstly sent to the authors themselves for their approval. Post that, they are posted on platforms like Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc. 

Clearly, author publicity services is the next big thing in the field of literature to become successful!


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