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The Different Types of Websites: A Guide for Small Businesses

Did you know that 71% of small businesses have a website? If you are a newer business and are looking at small business website options, we are here to help. We have put together this short guide to share the most common types of websites for businesses.

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to have an online presence, that’s why a website for businesses is not an option. Read on to learn the top options you have.

1. E-Commerce Website

If your main purpose is to sell products, then an e-commerce website is perfect for you. The main goal of any e-commerce website is to have its visitors make a purchase. Everything on the page should always lead the visitor to buy what you have to offer.

2. Lead Generation

For those businesses that are looking to capture leads then you want to invest in a lead generation website. This will allow you to bring your visitors into some type of sales funnel. Once you collect emails and know that they are interested in what you have then you can take the time to develop a deeper relationship that will eventually lead to a sale and a loyal customer.

We highly recommend using a reputable company like slocumstudio.com to help you get the word out about your company’s website. They can not only help with creating the best site for your target audience they also specialize in marketing it and making sure people know it exists.

3. Brochure Website

When the main goal for your company is to provide information about your company then a brochure website might be best. This is perfect for a company that doesn’t sell something directly but wants to share its story to elevate its brand.

These sites are pretty simple to maintain and simple to build because they usually do not have a lot of pages. If you are looking for a site that just confirms to people who you are but, doesn’t necessarily engage with customers then a brochure site will work. Keep in mind that with this site option you are leaving the next move up to your customer because it relies on them calling or emailing you if they like what they see.

4. Support Website

Larger tech companies tend to need a support website to offer help with their services or software. An example, of a support website, is Apple’s support site. With a support website, it will have a FAQ section and also ways to contact the support department or even an option to chat with tech support right then and there.

Now You Know the Different Types of Websites

We hope that now that you know the common types of websites for businesses, you are feeling confident about making an informed decision for your own business needs.

If our article came in handy please continue browsing the rest of our business section for our latest helpful reads.

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