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The Different Types of Email Marketing and When to Use Them

In 2018, the number of email subscribers surpassed 3.8 billion, which will exceed 4.2 billion by the end of 2022. Plus, people are spending a lot of time communicating through this method. Based on these numbers, if you ignore email marketing, you could miss out on many sales.

Email advertising can reach a large audience at the speed of light. There are different types of email ads, so which one to use? Keep reading to learn about the various types of email marketing strategies.

Welcome Email Series

You have acquired a new subscriber. For a moment that you have met a new acquaintance, it’s only polite to introduce yourself. This is the purpose of the welcome email series.

You can establish rapport with a new subscriber by sending a series of three, four, or five emails. You can also educate them about your brand by providing meaningful content. These users are the most receptive to receiving information; here’s what to put in your email:

  • Completion and introduction
  • Invite them to your social media platforms
  • Learn about them
  • Inquire about their email preferences
  • Determine how they heard about you

Taking too long to contact a new email subscriber might result in a higher spam score. Your subscribers may have forgotten they joined your list. Plus, welcome emails have above-average open rates, click-through rates, and income generation.

If you decided to only use one kind of email marketing campaign, try this one. While drafting your welcome email, exhibit your brand, offer a gift, and thank them.

Promotional Campaign

You may have a promotional email from a company in your inbox, if not dozens of them. They appear in inboxes repeatedly with a regular rat-a-tat-tat pattern, like machine-gun fire. Here are some ways to spice up your conventional email promotion:

  • Provoke emotion
  • Add comedy
  • Make them wonder
  • Offer a free item
  • Use lyrics from popular music
  • Use hues, pictures, and typefaces that command attention
  • Offer a free item

Avoid sending ten separate, standalone emails marketing your items. Consider a campaign that is progressive or united in some manner. That way, each email builds on the previous and leads to the next.

The Seasonal Effort

The seasonal email stems from the promotional campaign. On every significant holiday, you may begin an email marketing campaign, from Valentine’s Day to successful Father’s Day advertising.

These campaigns might include a lead-up to the event and a follow-up afterwards. Twenty percent of all retail sales entail holiday purchases. These sales are worth more than $84 billion in the United States alone.

Automatic Email Series

It might be that they clicked on a link in one of your promotional email series. Then placed products in their shopping cart but did not complete the purchase. They might also download material, make a purchase, or complete a survey.

Their behavior activates a drip campaign. An email gets to a recipient on the campaign list. You can also check out this guide to sending automated emails in bulk to reach more customers.

The Post-Purchase Drip

This is a series of email messages that gets to the customer’s inbox. It’s a simple follow-up after a transaction and not necessary to sell.

Let’s imagine a customer purchased a new kitchen appliance. You can use automated emails with the customer to create a buy-triggered communication. This will reaffirm the purchase and foster brand loyalty.

Insights on the Different Types of Email Marketing

A robust email ad and marketing campaign can be a powerful tool to keep in touch with your customers and drive sales. In this blog post, we’ve outlined the most common types of email strategies. From welcome emails to post-purchase drip campaigns, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget to learn how to write a marketing email campaign. This skill set can help you relay info about your brand and purpose. This marketing avenue can be complex, so check out our blog for more on various types of email marketing.

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