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The Complete Video Game Streaming Essentials Checklist

Almost three billion people play video games regularly. And almost all of those people wish they could spend more time playing.

Unfortunately, video gaming doesn’t pay the bills. For most people, anyway. But if you’re a professional gamer, you can actually get paid to play all day, every day.

And even if you aren’t a pro playing esports in the world cup, there are still other ways to get paid to play games. Thanks to video game streaming, anyone can build their own gaming brand, as you invite fans to follow along as you play your favorite games.

Sound silly? Consider the fact that the top five best Twitch streamers have grossed about $35 million between them in just a few short years.

And plenty of players makes tens of thousands per year. Want to get in on the action? Here are the streaming essentials you need to go live today.

A Gaming System

Assuming you are already a video game geek, that means you have a gaming PC or favorite gaming console. But, for streaming purposes, you may want to consider an upgrade.

To play the best games without lagging, you need hardware that can handle the action. A good gaming computer is an investment. It should have the latest CPU, such as an Intel 11th Gen Core processor. You’ll also want as much RAM as possible, with 16GB being the minimum for gaming.

The PC will also need dedicated graphics, likely in the form of an AMD Radeon GPU. These will help produce rapidly changing images and high-quality graphics to ensure you’re always on top of the action.

Not only does your PC need to handle the gaming itself, but it also needs to run the streaming software so you can showcase your gameplay live with your audience, whether it’s one person or a thousand.

Those who can afford the highest quality gaming rigs can display the fastest, flashiest graphics to their audience, which can help draw people in and retain their attention longer than those with lower quality computers.

On top of a computer, you’ll want the best gaming monitor capable of a high refresh rate. This will keep the action moving faster, helping you to play more competitively, which is what your fans want to see.

What About Consoles?

Yes, you can stream on consoles such as Xbox One or Playstation 5. In fact, streaming with modern consoles is even easier, thanks to built-in streaming integration.

However, there are also ways to stream your console gameplay through your PC, utilizing both devices. For playing on older consoles, this will be necessary.

Before streaming on your Xbox or Playstation, make sure your console is updated and in top shape. If your console has any issues, then bring your console into your nearest Fruit Fixed store for fast repairs, ensuring your console is capable of live streaming action.

Video Game Streaming Subscription

The next most important aspect of your streaming capabilities is the subscription to the streaming service itself.

Twitch is the most popular streaming service by a long shot and has become a household name even among non-gamers. They make it easy for you to get set up with an account so you can go live as soon as possible.

Those on the Xbox One and Playstation 5 have built-in Twitch functionality. You’re ready to go live right now. Those on PCs will need to follow some extra steps, but it isn’t difficult.

Twitch also offers Creator Camp, which helps new streamers like yourself learn what it takes to build a gaming brand, build a loyal following, and eventually monetize your journey.

Alternatives to Twitch are available but will have fewer eyeballs looking to stream games. This includes YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Additional Accessories

Once you’ve got the foundations in order, it’s time to double-check your accessories. Here are the smaller yet no less important essentials for your streaming dreams.


Streaming is all about the person playing. And the only way for people to connect with you while you play is through voice. You need a high-quality microphone to communicate with your audience, or they’ll go elsewhere.

This can be a standard gaming headset. Or you can invest in a standalone USB mic, such as those used by podcasters. You’ll probably want a mic stand so that you can position the mic near your mouth, but not in your way.


Not everyone includes videos of themselves while they game, but you should. People connect with people, so having the ability to see you can help you build your brand more effectively.

The visual aspect is one of the most important ways to grow a following and to distinguish yourself in the space. Just look at Ninja, the most followed streamer. His signature blue hair played a role in making him famous because he shows it while he plays.

A webcam with an LED light to illuminate your face helps.


Of course, you need your gaming controller or a gaming keyboard and mouse. You can customize these in any way that helps you to play better. Anything you need to play games by yourself is also needed when you’re streaming.

A Sleek Setup

A messy room isn’t cool anymore. While your background isn’t a major factor, it can affect how many people tune in and how many people bounce.

The room behind you can be as simple as a blank wall, or it can be a thoughtfully designed space that helps capture viewers’ attention. As long as we can’t see your messy bed and dirty laundry, you should be good to go.

An extra-comfortable, ergonomic gaming chair will make it much more enjoyable for you to sit and play through long sessions.

Streaming for the Win

For most people, video game streaming is a hobby. It’s a way to connect with friends and enjoy the latest online moments together. But for a lucky few, streaming can be much more.

Will you be the next big streamer? Can you commit to the process of building a brand and gaining a competitive edge? If so, you may be able to make a lot of money in the process.

Looking for more tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.

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