The Complete Guide to Understand How Packers and Movers Charges

When we’re preparing for an office or a household shift, we usually reach out to a bunch of packers and movers to help us maneuver through the process smoothly. The most obvious step we take is to make a few google searches for the best packers and movers in our town, visit their websites, understand about their company and get going by shortlisting a few.

The bubble bursts when we speak to them and realize how the price and the service offerings for each one of them are so different for each one of them that as a layman you might end up perplexed about whom to trust and whom to not. And even more importantly- what charges to expect from the packers and movers?

Truth be told, there’s no fixed rate when it comes to this industry as the consumer demand keeps changing. When it comes to what charges you can expect, you can average that out only when you have a clear understanding of what exactly you want out of them as a client.

To make it easier for you to navigate and understand, first, let’s run you through a few factors which directly affect the charges of packers and movers.

1. Distance

The distance between point A to B or let’s say from your existing place to the new one is one of the most crucial factors in deciding how the packers and movers charge you.

The reason why this becomes so important is that it includes the liters of fuel that the vehicle will use up, the amount of time or days the driver will invest to finally reach your destination, the specific route the vehicle will have to follow to transport heavy goods and toll charges which come with it. All these factors bring in their own set of challenges to complete the job and in turn drastically affect the cost.

Takeaway- Be very clear of the pickup and drop destination while communicating with the packer and mover.

2. Season

Before you decide on finalizing your shifting dates, think again. It’s best to understand how the market is working. Usually, the packers and movers have a rush of clientele during the weekends and public holidays. The general trends show that the months from January to July are their peak working months. It’s a no-brainer to understand that during the off-season, the house shifting charges are relatively lower as the demand drops.

Takeaway- If it is feasible, plan your shift during winters, mid-month, or business days and approach your service provider accordingly.

3. The kind of services you opt for.

Packers and movers provide a bunch of services like dismantling your household goods, warehousing, providing packaging material among others. The more services you go within your package, the higher the cost will rise as the company will have to spare more resources, time, and effort to fulfill your demands.

Another crucial factor is the kind of transportation you opt for. If you want your vehicles and goods to be transported in a dedicated vehicle, assigned specially for you, the cost of service will be higher.

Takeaway- First make a list of the tasks that you can handle on your own and what exactly is that you’ll want the packer and mover to handle and list them out to them while communicating to avoid confusion and hidden charges.

4. Location of your house

If you live on rocky terrains or the higher floors of the building, the labor will have to put double the effort than usual, which automatically adds up in your bill. If you have lifts or escalators in your buildings, then, in that case, the charges can come a little down.

Takeaway- If possible, ask the packer and mover to visit your site physically once before finalizing the deal so that they have an understanding of how the place is and can charge you accordingly.

5. The kind of goods that you have

If you mostly have large and heavy goods, they will end up making the whole process of packing and moving very tedious and will directly affect the cost, because:-

  • More manpower is required to handle them.
  • They require elaborate packaging.
  • They end up taking more space in the transporting vehicle.

Another scenario is where most of your goods are fragile and delicate, in this case, because the service provider will have to pay special attention while handling and transporting them, the charges tend to rise.

Takeaway- Always be clear and specific while describing your goods to the packer and mover, to get the services and the charges customized accordingly.

Now that you are aware of some of the key factors which are taken into account when the packers and movers are deciding on a package for you. You might still want to know the estimate of their charges.

The average cost of hiring packers and movers for household shifts

  • For an intercity move

The average cost for shifting a 1BHK within the city is around Rs. 4,200 – 11,000. For a 2BHK it comes around Rs. 6,500 – 16,000 and for a 3BHK house or apartment the range is between Rs. 10,000 – 19,500.

  • For intercity move

The average cost of shifting a 1BHK outside the city can start from somewhere around Rs. 11,000 and go up to even Rs. 30,000 depending upon the time and distance required for the moving.

Similarly, for a 2BHK, starting from somewhere around Rs.14,000 it can climb up to Rs. 40-45,000.

For 3BHK, the range is between Rs. 18,000 to 45-54,000 and for 4BHK and above it’s around Rs. 22,000-59,000.

What are the average packers and movers rates for office shifting?

When it comes to office shifting, the packers and movers charges can depend upon if you’re looking for a complete office shift or just moving a few items from it.

For local shifting, the range for a complete office shifting is Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 20,000 and for moving a few office items, the cost of packing and moving would be around Rs. 3,500 to 12,000.

NOTE: These are general estimates and are subject to change with a change in location or customer preferences.

Final words

Now, we feel you have a good idea of how to estimate the charges of packers and movers and can start hunting for your ideal service provider and make more informed decisions. We wish you a happy, safe, and satisfactory move.

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