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the choice of implant or porcelain teeth for missing teeh

The difference between the two is that the dental implant is an artificial metal root,and the porcelain tooth is fixed with its own root.

A person will only change his teeth once in his life.After the permanent teeth erupt,whether it is due to an accident or a disease extraction,the teeth will not regenerate.However,tooth loss will bring us a lot of inconvenience and health risks.At this time,tooth restoration is essential.How to choose? What is the difference?

1,fixed way

Porcelain teeth: It is fixed with its own roots,and a part of the adjacent teeth needs to be ground off and fixed by the support of the adjacent teeth.

Dental implants:It is fixed by implanted artificial metal roots.After the roots and the alveolar bone are firmly combined,a crown is installed on them.

dental implant and porcelain teeth fix technology

2.Duration of treatment

  • Porcelain tooth: The teeth themselves are in good health, about a week or so!

(Oral inspection—tooth preparation—moulding) Then the porcelain teeth are processed according to the model,and finally the crown is worn for appropriate adjustments.

  • Dental implant : it takes about half a year. In the first diagnosis, ct is taken and the periodontal condition is confirmed to be in good condition. Implant surgery can be performed.After implantation,the osseointegration can be waited for about 2-6 months.In the follow-up visit the healing abutment is installed to make the implant penetrate the gums,and the permanent abutment crown is replaced after the soft tissue is formed.
dental implant technology


  • Porcelain teeth:It is supported by the natural teeth at both ends of the porcelain bridge.When chewing food,the chewing pressure of the porcelain teeth will be transmitted to the natural teeth on both sides,which will increase the burden of the natural teeth and bear this Limited strength and long time will affect the efficiency of chewing and lead to failure of the restoration of porcelain teeth.
  • Dental implants:The pressure of tooth chewing is transmitted to the alveolar bone through the root of the tooth,so the dental implant can withstand more powerful force,and the chewing efficiency and comfort are much higher than that of porcelain teeth.
porcelain dental bridge technology

4,the cost

  • Porcelain teeth:Porcelain cobalt chrome teeth prices is relatively cheap which is inner metal crown.According to different materials,the brand price varies from hundreds to thousands US dollar.Full ceramic zirconia teeth price is slightly more expensive,which made by CAD CAM technology.
  • Dental implants: The price is expensive,about tens of thousands of US dollar. According to the implant system,the prices of South korea,German,Switzerland teeth will increase sequentially.
dental implant and porcelain teeth cost

5,service life

  • Porcelain teeth: Porcelain teeth can last for about 5-10 years,but they need to be updated later.Of course,it is also related to the type of porcelain and later maintenance.
  • Dental implants:The life expectancy can be maintained at least 10 years after successful implantation.Properly maintained,it may last a lifetime!
dental implant for missing teeth

These two restoration methods have their own advantages and disadvantages,and the choices vary from person to person.

If you are missing teeth,it is best to choose implant treatment if you have the conditions.After all,other healthy teeth are less harmful.

Conclusion:Everyone must protect their teeth.After all,dentures are not as good as their own teeth!

Bio: tony is a dental lab technician who works on dentallaboratorio as the CEO

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