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The Brief Guide That Makes Living a More Sustainable Lifestyle Simple

A sustainable lifestyle is one that aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact through positive changes. An ecofriendly lifestyle aims to reduce our use of the Earth’s natural resources and instead live in greater harmony with the planet.

One recent study found that 87% of people say they make an effort to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. What is interesting is that a greater percentage of eco-conscious people (77%) are satisfied with their life compared to those who aren’t eco-conscious (54%).

In this blog post, we will highlight some great ways that can help you to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Switch to Solar Energy

In direct contrast to fossil fuels, solar energy is renewable, abundant, and clean energy source. Thanks to continued technological advancements and federal incentives, it has never been so affordable to make the switch to solar energy. Solar panels installed on your property’s roof can save you thousands of dollars on your energy bills while protecting the environment around you.

If you want to create a sustainable home, speak to Hayes Barnard about financing this and other residential clean energy solutions.

Eat Less Meat

Eat less meat and more plants helps the environment.

In recent decades, society has become meat obsessed, putting a strain on our agriculture and generating large amounts of greenhouse gases. Cutting down on meat and eating more greens can also help our own personal health.

Go Paperless

We are living in an increasingly paperless world and this should be embraced. Sure, books are nice to hold, but it’s far more practical to have an e-reader that may contain hundreds or even thousands of books and fit comfortably in your handbag.

The same goes for newspapers and other documents; all of this information can be obtained and shared electronically these days.

Grow Your Own Produce

When you grow your own fruits and vegetables, you can know exactly what is going into them. Pesticides can contribute to both water and air pollution. Growing your own produce also reduces the number of fossil fuels needed to transport such produce to markets.

Get On Your Bike

Not only is cycling super healthy but it also cuts down on the need for driving vehicles that use fossil fuels. Cycling and public transport are becoming increasingly viable transport options, especially in larger cities where there have been efforts to promote alternatives to cars.

Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

The above tips for sustainable living barely scratch the surface. You could also wear more sustainable clothing, use eco-friendly cleaning products, waste less food, buy fair trade products, donate unused items, and much more. In many of these cases, your wallet will thank you―and we know that the Earth will too!

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