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The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Seborrheic Dermatitis and Dandruff Symptoms

When it came to finding the very dandruff remedies and seborrheic dermatitis treatment options In the previous years people flocked to traditional over the counter shampoos like Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue and even T Gel which are more of the medicated tar shampoos. These use medicinal anti fungus agents that are known to kill fungus. The main fungi that they are target is malasezzia furfur which is known to the primary cause of dandruff. However, what these products do not address is how the conditions of the scalp actually allow and help the fungus to flourish.

When polled one of the questions most asked by people with seborrrhea or dermatitis issues associated with an overly oily scalp was – “why do I have scabs on my scalp and how can I get rid of them?” The scabs are from the sores that are caused by excess fungus in one area. Most of the time the main source of food for the fungi is the sebum and the sugars that the sebum secrete. To get rid of the sores you must control the excess sebum on the scalp and down inside the hair follicle. This is done with very specific herbs such as the Zincplex complex. The herbs like thyme an sage are purifying and help to melt away the buildup that works against your healthy hair and scalp process.

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