The Best Pest Insect Traps For Home Garden And Farm

Trap systems are designed to catch insects in farm and garden. Many professionals of pest control in Rajkot city avoid recommending these traps to their customers as these are not as effective as they should be. The possible cause is that pests and insects hardly see the trap sheet and so they don’t land directly on them. Pest control products manufacturers are investing more in R&D to pave the way for chemical free pesticides and effective trap systems.

Traps and other barriers can be ideal tools for catching, detecting, or preventing pest entry if made with premium quality materials. Most retail nurseries and garden accessory suppliers have such variety of tools that they display with other products to help customers implement a better IPM program for effective pest management.

What are traps?

Traps are the glued sheets that may be used to monitor or detect the population of the pest, to catch and determine the species of pest, to lower the count of local pest, or multiple purposes. Commercial set of traps are sold for regulating and finding several moth species (pheromone traps), thrips and whiteflies (sticky traps), flies and yellowjackets, spiders, bed bugs, snails, and other pests.

Pheromone traps- these type of traps use attractants generated by an organism to affect the behaviour of other pest of same species. These traps have sticky surface or chamber that help in catching the pests. These types of traps are most useful in monitoring the location, presence, or pest activity. You cannot use pheromone traps to lower the population of pest. Common pheromone traps are made for codling moth, pantry moths, german cockroaches, and clothes moths.

Sticky traps- Several sticky traps are made to trap whiteflies, thrips, cockroaches, spiders, fungus gnats and similar pests. These sticky traps don’t use any attractant to affect the behaviour of other pest, but instead intercept flying or crawling pests in areas they travel. Commercial sticky traps for snails and slug can be baited using beer or water/sugar/yeast mixture.

The amount of sticky traps usage depends on the pest species. There are chances that you may need to put many traps around the landscape or home to determine the level of pest infestation. Once installed, you need to check these traps frequently and change them when required.

Does visibility of traps affect the output?

Most insect traps manufactured with lesser attractive design. There are only 10-15% of the insects which actually get trapped and sometimes this percentage number is even lower. The scents used by manufacturers to lure insects may effectively attract them from a distance to the pest trap but due to lack of attractive design, insects hardly land on them.

The research done by top pest control experts in Rajkot city has revealed that the poor visibility of the trap lowers its effectiveness. Insects are able to see a limited number of wavelengths, which differs from humans. Wavelength, brightness, shape, background, and patterns all determine the trap visibility to the pest. They still don’t know what makes insects to land on the trap.

What is solar powered insect trapper? Is it effective?

Pest management for farmers can be an expensive thing. They have to manage the pests from sowing till the crops are harvested and send to the market for sale without putting pressure on their pocket.

A solar powered insect trapper is designed and developed by an entrepreneur in Puducherry, which helps in pest management without drilling any holes to farmer’s pocket.

Farmers can get it under 2800 INR each piece and Tamil Nadu farmers are already using this technology vastly.

It uses LED technology for lighting with low UV light to attract flies and pests in crop field. Solar powered insect trapper operates automatically- it turns on the light during dusk (6PM – 7PM) and turns off after five hours, and sometime prior to midnight with the help of a micro controller chip. This is the time when most of the pests and damage causing insects are active and also prevent capturing beneficial insects in the crop field.

The solar powered trapper is able to control nymphs, flying insects, fruit borers, moths, aphids, hoppers, crop beetles, etc.

The device is hundred percent environment-friendly as the source of light for trapping the pests is the Sun. There is minimal or no maintenance. You can conveniently carry the device and install with hassle. Just make sure the place where you are using this solar powered trapper should get proper sunlight.

The device can also be used by general public at their apartments and homes to manage pests.

Pest control is getting required by more and more residents today. If you know a reliable pest control service providers in your area, connect with them. Home Care Pest Control India is one of the trusted and most reputed service provider for pest control in Rajkot city. You can try their service and get beneficial results.

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