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The Best-Kept Secrets of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is an awesome city that’s seen as a party capital to some and a job metropolis to others: but it’s a perfect mix of both!  Unfortunately, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling for every tourism trap when you first arrive, so how do you make sure you’re checking out lesser-known items?

These are some of the best-kept secrets of fort Lauderdale and why it’s such an awesome city to live in. 

Full Moon Kayaking 

If you want gorgeous drama with some of the best views in the city, it’s time to head to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park!  This awesome park goes on a late-night kayak trip every full moon, allowing you to watch the trees come to life with nocturnal creatures.  

This is a great way to feel connected to the local nature and get to know your community a little better.  You do need to bring your own kayak, and if you usually boat in other waters, it’s important that you hose it off before you bring it to the park.  This will prevent any hitchhiking plants or life from ending up taking over the park.  

Sea Turtle Walk

At night between March and October, the lights on Fort Lauderdale’s coastline will turn a warm orange.  This is to help guide the baby turtles that are hatching back out to the water.  Going on this walk means getting a fun intro from the museum and then going on a tour down the beaches and watching for baby turtles.  This is done as safely as possible to ensure neither the people nor the animals are harmed in the process!  

The Water Taxi

When you’re looking at Fort Lauderdale houses for sale, you may be quick to notice just how much water is in this area!  If you want to get from point a to point b, and don’t want to deal with the road and traffic, take a water taxi!  Taking ten stops along the Intracoastal Waterway, you can go everywhere, from the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort to fun museums and fantastic restaurants!  

The Riverfront Gondola

There’s so much water in Fort Lauderdale that almost all of these have to do with boating or enjoying the water!  If you want to enjoy the gorgeous rivers at night but don’t want to paddle around, consider going on a riverfront gondola ride!  You can bring your own food and enjoy the breathtaking views while spending time with someone you love. 

These rides can be expensive if you want the entire boat, going for $229, but if you’re willing to share, it’s a lot more affordable!  Either way, if you’re planning a special night, or you have a honeymoon or anniversary coming up, this is a ride you should consider taking! 

You’ll Fall in Love With Fort Lauderdale!

Fort Lauderdale is more than just the water and beautiful weather. It’s an adventure behind every corner!  Consider visiting and getting the most out of your stay when you make it to this incredible city.  

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