The Best Colors to Wear for Your Skin Tone

Specific colors go well with us, while some never seem to be working no matter how hard we try to merge them with our wardrobe. That either happens because of how we pair them or because certain shades are not meant for our skin. However, we do not believe in rigidity, and there are no hard and fast rules that are applied to certain color pairing while are considered refrained for the others. But, the fact remains: just like certain colors are favored by us, the same is the case with colors and themes, too, no matter how versatile they might be in general.

Types of Skin Tones with their Undertones

Here is a list of different skin tones that you need to be aware of and determine their different undertones. Awareness is the key – knowing the differences would help you ascertain a great what works for you what does not.

  • Light –

Light skin tone can come into various shades, with warmer undertones. It is lighter than medium and darker skin tones but is warmer than fair skin. People with lighter skin tones often have darker hair – like brown and black, and they face lesser skin issues than fair skin tone people, although they are not entirely immune to it.

  • Fair –

Fair skin tone is the most lighter one among all skin tones. And it has cool undertones. People with fair skin tone can often have red or blonde hair tone, although it does not have to be taken with so much rigidity.

  • Medium –

Also known as olive skin tone, does not have any specified undertone, and it is considered to be one with neutral. It is considered to be healthier than fair and light skin tones. Olive or medium skin tone gets the tan easily as well.

  • Dark –

The darker skin has yellow and golden hues that give it warmer undertones. People with warmer undertones have darker hair. Apart from that, they have healthier skin that tans easily and does not rashes in the sun.

How to Determine Different Skin Tones?

A step-by-step, easy guide to help you find your skin tone.

  • What Effects Does Sun Have on your Skin

There is nothing scientific about the fact that it affects our skin directly. Or maybe there is? Whatever might be the case, we all know that our skin reacts differently to the sun, and that has a lot to do with the different types of skin tones and undertones that we have. For instance, fair skin has lighter (or cooler) undertones that give it a great sensitivity, and hence it rashes easily or turns red and itchy.

  • Try Different Shades – of Clothes and Accessories

Trial and error is the key – so try out different shades of colors, pair and see what works for you and what does not. It can be one rigorous task but trust us, it can have lasting effects, and you will be amazed by the results – after all, it is about finding what works and what does not in the end.

  • Through Makeup and Makeup Artists

Makeup shades are made in such a way that assures there is a shade for each hue and undertone. Apart from that, you get to know a great deal about the different skin types and skin tones as you navigate through the labyrinthine of different makeup shades. In case this step seems to fall flat, and you feel as clueless as you have been feeling when you started off with the task, you should definitely take help from the experts: aka the makeup artists. Yes, they are well versed when it comes to such technicalities because it is part of their job, and they are, without a doubt, quite serious about it. So get in touch with a  

  • Sensitivity Rate of your Skin

The difference in skin tones and undertones is not just limited to the way they look, but also the internal aspects of it too. Lighter skin tone leans on the sensitive side often, while the darker/ warmer hues are immune to it comparatively – these aspects might not help you come to a fuller conclusion, but you can get a head start and learn more about it.

  • Check your Hair Color and Veins

Warmer skin tones have darker veins and darker hair, while lighter skin tones have lighter veins and lighter hair. Again, this distinction might not help you reach a clear conclusion, but it helps you choose a side and work on it.

Colors that go with Every Skin Tone

Apart from those specific colors that go only with certain skin tones in a certain way, there is still a wide variety of colors that go with almost everyone and can be a great addition to your wardrobe, especially on those extra chaotic days when you do not know what to choose and how to choose your outfits.

  • Hot Pink –

It is one of those colors that can generally be a total disaster if not paired with the right things and for the right occasions. But pink generally can be a great addition to every person’s wardrobe. It is excellent paired with lighter tones as it adds more color to the aura, while it has the tendency to uplift the warmer hues in a rejuvenating way.

  • Green and Turquoise –

These colors depict nature and have the energy to rejuvenate the overall look of any outfit. These colors are in sync with nature, which is why it is great to add them to your wardrobe because they somehow end up falling into the right rhythm and render the easy-breezy energy to it.

  • Red and its Different Shades –

Red is, without any doubt, a color that goes with every skin tone. When it comes to its versatility, the secret probably lies in the wide variety of uses that it provides.

How to Pair Outfits for Different Skin Tones

When it comes to pairing outfits for different skin tones, you have to be savvy, and that is the key. Here is how you can be to the point totally and pair your outfits savagely that is resonant with your skin tone and uplift it further.

Mix and Merge:

Sometimes, one shade of color might not work for you, but going for something that contains multiple factors can be the total game-changer for you. For instance, if you are going for an all-white outfit, it can totally fall flat without elevating and providing the needed assistance for your look.

This is why it is important that you put something else with an outfit that is in one neutral color, especially if it is in colorless tones such as white. So if you are pairing a white outfit for olive or medium skin tone, add a splash of another hue that creates a strong contrast and uplifts the overall look as well.

Here is an outfit inspiration for you. Pair a white ripped jeans with white linen and add a black leather jacket and black sneakers to conclude the look. ( for a black leather jacket inspiration, you can have a look at this Vance Men’s Classic Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket  – this black leather jacket mens would be a nice addition specifically to your winter wardrobe.) apart from that, you can go for a varied range of colors too such as leather jackets in blue color or even a maroon leather jacket  – for instance, these leather jackets:

  • Zaneta Women’s Brown Slim-fit Leather Jacket 

this brown jacket women comes in a strong color, hence making it a great staple choice for mixing with an all-white outfit.

  • Cesar Vintage Maroon Cafe Racer

vintage is a whole new vibe, and this season the trend is everywhere. This maroon leather jacket can be a good option again to go with, as it comes in strong color with a nice rugged look as well, that can render a good edge too, to an otherwise impeccable white outfit.

Apart from that, you can go for a white leather jacket (  in case you are going for the reverse, e.g., an all-black monochrome outfit. You can conclude the look with a B3 White Leather Jacket and white sneakers.

Go for Different Hues of the Same Color:

Different colors can have a different impact, and that applies to the different shades of the same color, for instance, orange these days is considered to be the new black, but that does not mean that it works for every skin tone in the same shade. For instance, a paler skin tone should go for the darker shade of orange, while warmer skin tones look best in the lighter shade of orange.

Create outfits Merging Around your Skin Tone Color and Neutral Colors:

Neutral colors are a great tool that not only saves you from fashion mishaps but provides the utmost assistance in styling the best looks. Mix and match colors that go with your skin tone and the ones that are neutral and universally applicable.


Every color is beautiful in its own way, and this guide in no way is written to demean or pinpoint a certain color but rather be more appreciative of the different colors and differences, in general, that make us who we are. Going for colors that go with your skin tone in the best way is not meant to limit your options but rather help you be savvier and give it special importance, which uplifts its uniqueness and brilliance. Know your skin tone and undertone today, and get started.

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