The Best 10 Blooming Bunch Of Flowers Which Are A Way Of Positivity

Order Flower Online – Flowers are beautiful. Their beauty enthralls us every time we look at them, especially in their natural habitat. The best part about flower is that they are appropriate for any occasion. Also, you can get it online. As a tribute to these beautiful creatures, here is a list of top 10 flowers which are not only colourful but also fragrant.


The name mimosa comes from the Greek word ‘mimos’, meaning mimic. That is because this flower closes up its petals in response to touch or strong wind, just like an animal’s sensitive ears! This flower is light brown or pale yellow in color and it grows between 1-3 feet tall. It belongs to the family of Fabaceae (the bean family) and is native to central and southern Africa, Australia and Asia.

Casablanca Lily:

This variety of lily can be seen in several colors including white, yellow or orange. Also the flowers are large (about 5-8 inches across), fragrant and they grow on long stems. Not only this these lilies also bloom around nightfall with their rich sweet fragrance. They belong to the family Liliaceae which comprises nearly about 200 species of bulbous plants that grow in temperate climates within the northern hemisphere.

Black-Eyed Susan

Black eyed susan is also known as Rudbeckia hirta, this flower comes from the aster family (Asteraceae). It is native to eastern North America, hence its other name, ‘Coneflower’. It has brownish-yellow petals with dark orange or black central disks. This flower is the state flower of Maryland in the USA.

Strelitzia :

This flower belongs to the bird of paradise family (Strelitziaceae). It is native to South Africa and it got its name after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz who was a keen botanist. The plant grows up to 5 feet tall and possesses long banana-like leaves which are purple below but green on top. 

The flowers are vivid blue in color with orange lips which are fused together forming an upturned tube. The stamens are bright yellow which gives rise to its other common name, ‘Bird of Paradise’ flower.

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart flower gets its name from the red liquid which you can see oozing out of it when cut. It is a small red-tinted white flower named ‘Dicentra spectabilis’. This plant is native to North America and belongs to the family of Fumariaceae (the fumitory family). It has long spiky leaves that grow up to 10 inches tall. 

These flowers bloom in early spring and resemble hearts, especially the shape of their drooping petals which make them look like they are dripping with blood! You can now order flowers online at low prices and give gifts to your loved ones without going out of your home.

Foxglove :

This bell-shaped pinkish-purple flower is called Digitalis purpurea. If you touch the foxglove flower, you will see its petals closing up. The flowers are produced on tall spikes and bloom between February to September. This plant is native to the temperate regions of Western Europe and North America. 

It belongs to the family Plantaginaceae which comprises about 90 genera and 1,950 species of herbs, shrubs and trees found worldwide. With the highest diversity in South Africa! A close relative of this plant is also used as homoeopathic medicine for treating certain heart conditions.

Stargazer Lily: 

This beautiful lily got its name from the habit of burying its stem deep into the ground before blooming. It carries out this behaviour only when it grows in sandy soils. As this reduces wind damage to its flower which is extremely fragile! It has drooping yellow petals with orange spots. 

The flower is native to Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Its other name, ‘Lent Lily’ comes from the Greek word ‘Lente’, meaning slow because of its delayed blooming season. The stamens are short and are red-orange in color.

Passion Flower: Order Flower Online

This flower belongs to the family Passifloraceae. Which comprises about 500 species of vines found throughout America, Africa and South-East Asia. They have long tendrils which help them cling on to their host plants for support during climbing. Its flowers come in various colours including white with violet veining or pinkish purple with white veining or pale blue or green coloured. 

It blooms during summer and autumn. The passionflower is the state flower of Puebla, Mexico and its scientific name Passiflora incarnata refers to the intense purple colour of the flowers.

Peony :

This large pink or red-tinted white flower belongs to the genus Paeonia. Most of its species are native to Asia (China, Japan and Korea). These plants grow in temperate climates and prefer damp places. There is a mythological tale behind this interesting looking flower. According to one version Peony was a young girl who dared to pull off Cupid’s Arrow from his quiver while he was sleeping after taking too much wine!

When she did so, she suddenly turned into a plant with drooping red petals. The other version says that Zeus presented Peony to the mortals as a gift after making it bloom from the spot where the flower had been cut from her bloodied dismembered body by Persephone.

Gerbera – Order Flower Online

This beautiful orange, yellow or pale pinkish flower is known as Gerbera jamesonii and is of the family Compositae (the daisy family). Online flower delivery in Pune is good and you can now get this flower easily. Online flower delivery is a prefect option when you cannot go out to buy flowers or when your friends and family are away from you. Because all you need to do is few clicks on the internet to buy flowers online.It is native to South Africa and belongs to genus Gerbera. 

It was named in honor of German botanist Traugott Gerber who discovered it. The presence of a thick layer on top of its central disc which reflects blue light makes this flower beautiful. 

Flowers are the most beautiful things that nature has to offer. They often remind us of our childhoods when we would play with them or our first loves. They brings joy and positive vibes in the environment.

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