The Antique Roadshow: Where America’s First Family Tour Experience Happens

What is Antique Roadshow?

Antiques Roadshow is based on a popular BBC show of the very same title. Before the American version of Antiques Roadshow premiered in 1997, an English version project was commissioned by a British production company named Merlin/ PBS. But word quickly spread internationally about this unique program. The Antiques Roadshow concept caught on well and so the American adaptation was born.

Antiques Roadshow is a fascinating program that follows the journey of a working antique auction from its origin in England to its ultimate destination, the auction block in New York City. In this live action television event, expert curators from both the American and English language versions engage in bidding competitions while the audience watches and learns about the everyday happenings at auctions from the perspective of both the buyer and the seller. The result is a unique live auction show that is the envy of the antiques enthusiasts world over. The Antiques Roadshow episodes is viewed by more than fifty million people in over forty countries.

Who Should See this Show –

If you enjoy antiquing and the thrill of the hunt, the Antique Roadshow could be a great way to indulge in your passion. It’s also one of the most rewarding ways to interact with others who love to discover the hidden history of their community as well as their region. The Antique Roadshow is a traveling museum that brings an original artifact or discovery from the past to your community. As you travel along the paths of time, you’ll discover fascinating stories about the people, places, and objects that make your town or region unique. Hosting Antique Roadshow events help people discover the past while immersing them in the excitement of the present.

Why is it Popular-

Antique Roadshow tours are becoming increasingly popular with Antique Roadshow enthusiasts. These types of vehicle tours combine the thrill of a friendly environment with expert knowledge and informative commentary. The Antique Roadshow vehicle is covered with fabric slings and padded seats, interior features include plush leather seats, factory made headrests, original steering wheel and footrests, original instrument panel, original dashboard and floor mats, radio and TV, telephone with in built hands-free kit and CD/DVD stereo systems. Along with the Antique Roadshow Appraisals online service you may also get free detailed information about touring options, mileage available, places to see and things to do.

Antique Roadshow Tours-

Antique Roadshow tours are conducted over short distances, sometimes as short as a few miles. You can travel to exciting destinations like Paris, Budapest or Rome by using a special designated driver who has had years of experience of touring Europe’s leading museums and galleries. Antique Roadshow companies often provide their guests with complete professional services including accommodation, meals and sightseeing. There are often specialist driver groups with an array of vehicles available to tour various destinations. The driver will have years of experience of antiques and provide the guest with expert guidance to make the best use of their time whilst touring Europe.

Antique Roadshow Tours are enjoyed by people from all walks of life for decades. Young and old, groups and families travel in large groups and there’s always room for one to talk about their Antique Roadshow experiences. This is just part of what makes Antique Roadshow so popular with people from all walks of life, not just those in the know about antiques!

What is the content of the Show?

The Antique Roadshow utilizes a classic traveling wagon as its main vehicle. Each show features a different theme and historical presentations. Each program is a time capsule of sorts as the show follows the story of everyday people. Who take an interest in the things they cherish and marvel at. Each week there is a different city, with a different story and different vehicle. There are experts with years of experience from Hollywood who will tell their fascinating stories. Whether you’re looking for a great show, a hidden treasure, or an interesting story, Antique Roadshow is certain to be a must see for everybody.

There are several themes to choose from including wagon tours, county fairs, trips around the country, treasure hunts, reenactments, and even visits from professional appraisers. Hosts Mary Taylor and Ben Stein make sure the guests have plenty of activities to participate in between shows. These activities range from wagon racing, to card games, to singing and dancing, to horseback riding and more. During each show, the hosts make sure guests have a chance to interact with the artists and appraisers.

Who Appears on the Show –

In addition to featuring regular guests , the Antique Roadshow also features celebrity edition episodes . Where celebrities such as: Barbara Streisand, John Denver, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, and many more make guest appearances. For example, during the Barbara Streisand/ Doc Watson celebrity edition, Streisand drives a wagon pulled by a ponytail of hair to visit the Western Swing capital of the world, Austin, Texas. During the second episode, Sinatra stops by to chat with Taylor about her recent book, What’s With The Nylon Sky?

Antiques Roadshow Schedule also has celebrity edition. The hosts address questions that the general public may have. Such as: What was the worst city we could find for a band to play at? Is it St. Louis, or New York? And, who were some of the more famous band members who came to the Roadshow?

In response to the questions above, the producers of the Antique Roadshow create new celebrity episodes. The “Highchair” is the item used in some of these celebrity episodes. Each of the four “highchairs” used on the Antique Roadshow are custom made by Bemko. They all feature Bemko’s signature bright color scheme and are covered in vinyl for easy cleaning. All of the highchair furniture is die cast metal with rubber pads for the seat bottoms. And the armrests are made from thick vinyl to provide extra comfort for the guest.

The Antique Roadshow is a true story about traveling through time – from the past to the present. Every guest seems to leave with a fondness for their time on the Roadshow. Guests even tell about their Antique Roadshow experience on social networking websites such as Facebook. The Antique Roadshow is a true American treasure . A show that brings families close together and inspires a new generation of American antique collectors.

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