The Advantages Of Financing Your New HVAC System

A new heating or cooling system represents a significant investment in comfort, energy efficiency, and health. Modern HVAC equipment is built to be quiet and dependable for many years of trouble-free service.

The weather in the Mid-Atlantic is erratic. A dependable central cooling/heating system is critical, especially for the elderly and children. Extreme weather can increase the stress on HVAC system components, causing them to fail. Heath’s Air knows that not every family has the financial means to purchase a significant item, especially if it is unexpected. We have created relationships with many lenders to help our consumers acquire a more efficient HVAC system. We provide HVAC Financing Options that are tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. The money might be used to buy equipment, repair it, or maintain it.

Advantages Of HVAC Equipment Financing

Large-scale home modifications may put homeowners under a lot of stress. This is especially true if the homeowner has yet to budget for a new HVAC system.

Financing alternatives might assist bridge the cash-to-equipment cost gap. This reduces the process’s stress and anxiety. Customer service is an important component of finance. This promotes confidence among the consumer, the HVAC contractor, and the dealer, particularly if they are honest, competent, and experienced.

Most significantly, replacing outdated equipment with newer, more efficient versions can offset a considerable percentage of the financing cost. A 10 SEER air conditioner built in the 2000s may be replaced with an 18 SEER unit, resulting in a 48% reduction in cooling utility expenses.

By financing your domestic HVAC system installation and purchase, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • The application is simple and quick.
  • Rapid credit determinations
  • No yearly or prepayment penalties apply.
  • Online monthly statements
  • There is no minimum monthly payment.
  • Promotions at regular intervals
  • Several payment methods are available, including online, normal mail, and direct withdrawal.
  • There are no registered liens.
  • Current credit lines continue to be accessible.
  • There are no closing costs, points, or charges.
  • There is no need for home equity.
  • Fixed rates and monthly payments

We only work with national lenders, so you can be assured that your personal information is secure. Each application is rapidly examined, and credit decisions are often issued within one day.

How To Obtain Financing

The majority of clients qualify for financing to purchase new HVAC equipment. To acquire a fair rate and several bids, it is critical to have the supporting paperwork, which comprises the following aspects.

  • Reports on Credit The lender will decide whether or not to give finance. The quantity of money and the corresponding interest rate are closely related to your credit score. You must maintain all of your current debts. Credit cards and other revolving creditors should be paid off as well. You should review your credit reports right away and dispute any inaccurate items.
  • Stubs of Pay organize your latest three pay stubs to prove your income. Self-employed persons must present proof of income in the form of tax returns or deposit receipts. Anyone else on loan must also submit evidence of income.
  • A reference letter establishes ability among persons with bad or no Credit. Employer and utility company referrals help you demonstrate financial responsibility and regularity.
  • Request a quotation from a professional to create an HVAC system that meets your interior load. After evaluating the system’s cost, you may select the financing option that best meets your needs.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your System?

There are several moving parts in air conditioners and furnaces. They will ultimately need to be replaced, regardless of how well they are maintained. Equipment over ten years old is prone to malfunctions, posing major safety and health risks.

AC compressors can be extremely expensive to replace, and their efficiency may be permanently compromised. Older standing-pilot furnaces may have minor fractures in their heat exchangers, allowing carbon monoxide to leak into the living room. A furnace with a damaged heat exchanger should be replaced as soon as possible.

Modern air conditioners must meet a government minimum criterion of 13 SEER. The Department of Energy developed the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio to allow consumers to evaluate the relative efficiency of different equipment models quickly. A high-SEER type can increase comfort by replacing an ageing condensing unit. It has a shorter payback period as well.

Older furnaces can only operate at 60 per cent efficiency or less. This indicates that 40% of the fuel utilized in the combustion process is squandered. The residual fuel is exhausted via the venting mechanism. Modern furnaces may be changed to keep your house warm during the winter while lowering your heating expenditures.


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