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The 7 Best Treadmills for Home (2020)

Best Treadmills

If you are here it is because you are aware of the importance of exercise for your health, both current and future.

You also probably know that in addition to moving around a lot and doing some cardio, it’s important that you train with strength exercises.

With that said, today we are going to discuss one of the best selling fitness gadgets for home: the treadmill. Why is it so popular? Because it allows you to have the mobility that your body needs without leaving the house and, in addition, it enables intense training when the weather abroad is not adequate.

If you are also thinking about buying one then don’t forget to use Amazon promo codes 20% off anything to save more on your purchase, you probably have these concerns right now :

  • That the treadmill you choose is of the highest quality and does not give problems in a few days.
  • How to know what things to look for to choose the best treadmill for the use you are going to give it.
  • That you have the latest technology to take advantage of the power of Apps so fashionable.
  • That its design is integrated as one more element in your house.

In this article, we analyze which are the 7 best treadmills this year and you will learn the tricks to select yours. Prepared? Well, let’s do it.

4 things to consider before choosing the best treadmill

Size and density of the running area

. It is the place where you step every time you walk or run. If you are a tall person, you want it to be as large as possible so that it contains your stride when running. In addition, it is important that you have a cushioning system so that your joints do not suffer.

Speed and slope

. Depending on the intensity at which you are going to train, you want it to reach more or less speed. Some tapes go up to 20 km / h, although the normal speed is about 15 km / h. It is also important to increase the difficulty of the training so that you can vary the slope. Some allow it electronically and others manually.

Maximum weight

. The tapes have a maximum weight that they support. Most of them reach 120 Kg. It may seem like a lot to you, but sometimes it is good for them to support that weight or more if we want to complicate the training with the load. If your weight is close to 100 Kg, I recommend that you choose one that supports at least 110 Kg.

Integration with Apps

. It is becoming increasingly clear that Apps help improve performance by monitoring your progress. If you have the option to measure your workouts, it is very likely that you will improve and force yourself to train. In addition, many current Apps allow you to compete in real-time with other users or run while watching the recording of a popular race, elements that serve to motivate you more.

Review of the 7 best treadmills

After analyzing all the models and comparing information from all kinds of users, these are the 7 best treadmills I have found.

1. Sportstech F10

If you are not a tall or heavy person, you want a treadmill or jogging at moderate intensity and you like technology, the Sportstech F10 interests you.

This model is designed for people who want to do maintenance workouts, at moderate or low intensities. However, it is capable of daily use.

According to the users who use it, its motor is silent, so you could use it at any time without fear of disturbing the neighbors.

Its power of 750 W is rather low, but it allows it to reach 10 Km / h. Although the manufacturer specifies a maximum weight of 120 Kg, I recommend that you do not exceed 90 Kg, since you would notice some vibration.

In addition to this, because its running surface is relatively small (101 x 34.5 cm) it is intended for people not too tall (<175 cm). Of course, the 5 layers of padding of this surface stand out for the protection of joints and knees.

It has a front panel with an LCD screen that shows the time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate. It also includes a tablet holder and 2 bottle holders.

Lastly, like other Sportstech models, it supports Kinomap technology to simulate real racing through a Smart TV, which tends to motivate you to train more often.😉

The best

  • Kinomap technology to simulate real racing.
  • Silent, ideal to run at any time without disturbing.
  • Multi-layered running surface to protect joints.


  • Not suitable for intense daily use.
  • Not recommended for tall and heavy people.

2. DeskFit DFT200

The DeskFit DFT200 is for you if you are looking for a stylish treadmill for walking or running at very low speed, that you can easily store, for low-intensity use or to walk while working.

Its running surface is not very large, so it is designed for people with small strides. It is one of the most compacts on the market, 17 cm wide when folded. You can store it under the sofa, bed or even leaning against the wall, with a bracket that includes.

Think that it is not designed for big races. It reaches a maximum speed of 7.1 Km / h, so its use is more in line with fast walking than running.

It does not have an LCD screen, but you can connect a tablet with a specific App to see distance, calories, speed, and other data in real-time. You can place the tablet on plastic support that includes the machine.

In short, it is a machine that can come in handy to use in confined spaces and to store very quickly when you finish using it.

The best

  • Perfect if you have little space and want to save the tape when finished using it.
  • Modern and elegant design.
  • Advisable to walk while you work.


  • Somewhat high price for the benefits it has.
  • Not recommended for running at high speeds.

3. Fit-Force

The Fit Force is for you if you want an inexpensive treadmill for daily use at a maintenance-free rate without high pretenses.

The treadmill has more than acceptable power and a good running speed (15 km / h). The running surface is enough for you to use even if you are a tall person (> 180 cm).

One of the features that most highlight the users who have tried it is the low noise it emits when using it. It is ideal if you want to run very early or at night so as not to disturb😉

It’s a foldable treadmill, although don’t expect miracles. Its folding position is not too compact, it can be used to leave it in a corner so that it does not disturb but not under a bed or in a closet (unless it is very large).

Its LCD screen is made of rather basic materials and measures: calories, running time, distance traveled, heart rate, and running speed. Pulsations are measured by sensors on the grip horns.

Keep in mind something: it is not a high-end treadmill, far from it. It is true that it is of acceptable quality, but we cannot ask for the performance of others that are worth 3 times more.

To highlight its assembly, suitable for the less skilled. You just have to put a few screws and the manual comes in Spanish. Some users comment that it can be assembled in about 30 minutes.

The best

  • Affordable price.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Powerful and silent.


  • Console is somewhat low for tall people.
  • Speakers may sound louder.
  • Some vibration sensation when running at high speeds.

4. Sportstech FX300

The Sportstech FX300 is for you if you are looking for a very compact treadmill because you have little space at home, you appreciate the sleek design, you don’t want your height to be a problem and you have no budget problems.

The FX300 is a high-end tape that convinces with its design and finishes. It is true that its engine does not make as much noise as others in the same range, but do not expect something extremely quiet.

Its running surface is one of the widest on the market, which will make running comfortable regardless of your height . In addition to having 5 layers of padding to cushion the impact of the joints.

It is a tape to use every day and give it a smooth start. Although its motor is not as powerful as the F31 (it is 1500 W), it reaches the same speed of 16 km / h.

If you are looking for something that makes you work at a high intensity, you have to know that this model has no option to vary the slope. This limitation has a purpose: that it is easy to fold and compact.

What leaves this treadmill open-mouthed is its folding, being one of the most compact on the market (159.5 x 74.5 x 21 cm). You can store it in tight places like inside a closet, under a table, or behind the door.

How about your maintenance? You have to lubricate it yourself with a bottle of Vaseline that it brings (like this one ), it is not done automatically as it happens with other models. It is applied to the sides under the tape (check the manual to make sure you do it right).

As it could not be otherwise, it is also compatible with Kinomap, so you can run watching real racing simulations and even compete with other users.

It is true that it is a heavy belt (about 55 Kg), but it has wheels that facilitate its movement.

The best

  • Super compact, ideal for storing and taking up little space.
  • Kinomap technology to simulate real racing.
  • 5-layer running surface to protect joints.
  • Wide running surface, ideal for any height.


  • Slope adjustment is missing.
  • Price not suitable for all budgets.

5. Sportstech F31

If you want a high-end treadmill for daily use, with variable slope, with technology to simulate real environments and you have no budget problems, the Sportstech F31 is a very good option.

The F31 is one of the queen ribbons in its category. The reason is that it works for almost all users (tall, short, heavy or lighter) who want exceptional performance.

The machine is prepared to give you a lot of cane (about 3000 W of power) but you will not notice excessive noise to have so much power.

You can use it daily without problems at a high intensity. It allows you to reach 16 km / h but what makes the difference is … Its tilting slope! You can regulate it up to a 15% slope , ideal if you want to add extra difficulty to your career.

One of the things you love the most about the tape is its Kinomap compatible App , where you can make real routes and watch recordings of other routes on a TV to do them from home. In addition, for Android and IOs you have the «SmartTreadmill» App with which you will collect your training data (time, calories, duration, etc.).

It is not a compact machine, so there would be no point in buying it if you plan to move it around often. Dimensions are 153 x 72 x 130 cm in use and 96 x 72 x 130.4 cm folded.

Another differential point is its 6-layer padding : the running area has different layers of padding to protect the joints and knees .

Its 5.5-inch screen and high-quality speakers are the icing on the cake for a machine with many positive points. It measures the usual but, in addition, the tape comes with a band to measure the pulsations.

The installation is quite simple, it will not take you more than 1 hour.

What maintenance does it have? You just have to add a liquid that the manufacturer will give you before starting to use the tape, in case it had not been shipped from the factory. And then you should replace every 50 hours approx.

The price is considerable and not suitable for all budgets, which is why it has the benefits it has and its after-sales service is so impeccable, they go out of their way to solve any problem.

The best

  • High quality LCD screen.
  • Kinomap technology to simulate real racing.
  • Very quiet for the power it has.
  • Good running surface, ideal for tall people.
  • Impeccable after-sales service.


  • Price suitable for few pockets.
  • Not recommended if you want to move it from one side to another often.

6. BH Fitness iBoxter

If you are looking for a professional treadmill (lose fat, prepare a marathon …), that reaches high speeds to give it intense daily use, the BH Fitness iBoxter is a candidate to consider.

The BH brand is one of the most recognized in terms of gym equipment, both for stationary bikes and treadmills. Buying a BH brand tape is usually synonymous with quality and durability.

If you need a top quality treadmill and you are sure that you will give it intense daily use, the BH is among the most reliable. It has an extra wide running surface, so you can run very comfortably regardless of your height or weight.

It is one of the fastest speeds (up to 20 km / h) and has an electronic slope regulation system that reaches up to 12%. If you want cane in your training, you will have it😉

Despite the fact that its motor is powerful (up to 2500 W) its consumption can be reduced with an ECO mode by up to 25%. The manufacturer does not make clear how it does it, but ensures that with this function we reduce energy expenditure to that extent.

To highlight its cushioning system using its own technology: it reduces the force of the joint and back impact with the 6 elastic elements on the running surface.

On the other hand, if what you need is a compact tape to be able to put it aside when you do not use it and you need to move it often, the BH is not the most recommended. Folded, it still has excessive dimensions (125 x 94 x 156 cm). However, it is true that moving it is not so complicated thanks to its transport wheels.

In addition to its 14 predefined programs, you can connect via Bluetooth with countless Apps for virtual races: BH by Kinomap (iOS / Android), Run on Earth (iOS / Android), Tread Monitor (iOS) and Fit Console (Android).

The best

  • It reaches high speeds, perfect for intense workouts.
  • Different Kinomap apps and technology to simulate real races.
  • Wide running surface, ideal for any user (regardless of weight or height).
  • Electronically adjustable slope to increase difficulty of the race.


  • Does not include heart rate band.
  • Not advisable if you have little space at home.
  • Price not suitable for all budgets.

7. Fitfiu MC200

The Fitfiu MC200 is for you if you are looking for a basic treadmill, without great pretensions, to walk or to run at a trot, you are not a tall or very heavy person and you have a low budget.

Although the Fitfiu does not have as many functionalities as other tapes, it has positioned itself as one of the best sellers for 2 reasons: its low cost and the positive ratings of users who have used it.

Despite its low price, it has a good 1500 W motor and reaches 14 km / h. However, it is not a machine as robust as others, so I do not recommend it if you are a large (> 175 cm) and corpulent person.

It has a running surface 110 x 40 cm, something fair to run if you have a long stride. Something to note is that it is not a noisy machine , as long as you do not run at high intensity.

The LCD screen measures the typical: speed, time, distance, calories consumed and heart rate (monitored by the sensor on the handlebar). It comes with 12 predefined training programs, perfect if you want something programmed.

Its control panel has a sound input, so you can connect your mobile, and integrated speakers. It also has a tablet or mobile holder, so you can put on the content that motivates you the most, and supports 2 bottles.

The machine can be folded, although it is not too compact (110 x 60 x 50 cm). Of course, it is light and you can move it without problems thanks to its scroll wheels.

The best

  • Very affordable price.
  • Good user ratings .
  • Powerful motor and good speed.


  • Somewhat fair running surface for tall people.
  • Not recommended for intense training.
  • Upgradeable speakers.

Benefits of the treadmill and how to use it

There is always talk of the benefits of exercising and that it is something that we should all do. Nowadays and more with so many things that we see on the Internet it is easy for us to fall into a sedentary life that keeps us glued to a sofa and even that we hardly go out on the street for another walk that is not going to work, class or responsibilities of daily life, a treadmill is an ideal device that helps us break that habit and acquire another that will give us health and a good quality of life, but what exactly benefits does the treadmill give us ? .

It makes us feel good and motivate us to improve ourselves.

After exercising, we secrete three hormones, among them dopamine, a hormone linked to addictions that makes us experience a pleasant sensation after exercise. It is the one that makes us as soon as we take something in habit, our body becomes addicted to this substance and we drive to do more and more, with which the activity will hook us. By segregating dopamine we also reduce the concentration of tobacco, drugs and sugar that even causes dental caries with the additional expense.

It gives us a feeling of happiness.

The second hormone that we secrete called endorphin, the best known of all, makes us feel happy, happy and in certain euphoric cases, it works as a natural pain reliever that reduces anxiety and stress . It is released as soon as the exercise is finished and it is gradually lost, it also acts as the dopamine that motivates us to want more and get on the treadmill another day.

It helps us sleep better.

The third is serotonin, a substance that influences our mood after exercising, it gives us a feeling of calm that makes us feel happier and helps especially against depressive states, it is what makes us sleep better and let’s eat better.

We have to keep in mind that you have to practice exercise a few hours before the time we go to sleep, since first we will feel a tremendous high of well-being and later our muscles will relax, the hormones will be lost and then It is when we will notice the fatigue of the exercise that will help us sleep much better.

It is a perfect way to lose weight and control it.

The treadmill is very comfortable to exercise, we have it at home and it is easy to find some free time a day to walk or run, perhaps at first it will cost us and some may hurt the whole body (pay attention to the warm-up !) But then little by little our body will begin to segregate the three hormones mentioned in greater proportion, and it will get used to the movements, to the point that it will be a routine for us and at times we cannot do it because we are busy or not be at home and we have that monkey to be able to do some exercise.

If we propose it and take a routine continuously taking care of our diet, especially avoiding binging to eat after getting off the treadmill, it is easy to lose weight naturally so that the body is able to stylize our It figures as you burn fat, thus avoiding that loose meat.

Subsequently we can increase the time or the difficulty to gain more muscle mass or maintain ourselves. The most recommended is to do it before a meal of the day, because after exercising, even if we feel more hungry, our body will be full of energy, which makes our metabolism work much faster and the body absorbs less fat.

We will feel that we have more energy.

One of the problems of sedentary life is feeling tired, no matter how little we do our body feels tired due to little activity, and it is something that must be stopped as it is responsible for more deaths than the overweight itself, imagine in the case of both!

By developing more muscles and keeping them active, our body will have much more resistance and strength, we will tire much less, and therefore we will take better advantage of the day to do everything. They say that life is short and spending it sitting is a shame when we can do everything we like but also in a healthier way and making more use of time.

It helps us prevent diseases and ailments.

Actions such as walking on the treadmill help our body to have a much stronger immune system, which will prevent diseases, and it is enough to have a cold in the winter or every two by three, make your body more resistant.

By producing endorphins we will better control stress and anxiety, in addition to taking away feelings like depression. It helps us to have stronger joints and bones to avoid osteoporosis and tendinitis, in addition to preventing diabetes and heart disease by improving blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels.

Customs such as sitting all day in front of the computer, watching television or using overlockers or sewing machines, make the legs wear out due to the lack of movement and can lead to more ailments or problems even walking.

We concentrate better.

By giving us that feeling of general well-being and avoiding feelings such as stress or anxiety, our brain is also rewarded in a secondary way, because the activity will make us be able to concentrate better on the tasks to be carried out, many people it happens that by carrying a poor quality of life and a poor diet is more difficult for them to remember certain things or study, something that does not happen so much to athletes, because that is where the phrase comes from:

“healthy body healthy mind”.

There are runners who do not mind going out to train in adverse weather conditions, they are always ready to go running to get fresh air. But for others it is not so easy, so they decide not to run, preferring to run comfortably on the treadmill under cover. Many can do it at home, others go to the gym so as not to miss daily training.


Did you just buy a treadmill, and before you start practicing wondering how to use it correctly ? Discover the benefits of this device and follow our tips to start the practice .


The treadmill is an effective calorie burning device. You practice at home all year round, without depending on the weather ! The treadmill is:

A not inconsiderable advantage: running … at home and at your own pace!

A long-term, lasting investment

A solid material accessible to all to practice in complete safety , also recommended for re-education


A treadmill requires no specific adjustments other than speed and incline .


To get off to a good start, focus on keeping your back straight or slightly leaning forward , reinforcing your abdominal waist . Indeed, strong and reinforced abs limit low back problems.


The treadmill offers a multitude of exercises : work as possible from the march , run at a moderate pace (jogging) or faster. The use of the incline also allows modifying the difficulty of the effort and makes some muscles work more, especially the glutes and thighs. The walk with a high incline provides greater comfort in the joints and in the back , burning up to 4 times more calories.


To warm up, do some leg curls and stretches (quads, hamstrings, calves).

The first session begins with the march at the pace (between 4 and 6 km / h) that suits you best to familiarize yourself with the treadmill, then gradually increases speed. If you want to run, always think about lengthening the stride forward of the treadmill and especially adapting the speed of the treadmill to your rhythm and not the other way around.


10-15 minutes: warm up in fast gear or light race

25-35 minutes: session body at regular pace (approx. 70% of maximum heart rate)

5-10 minutes: return to calm in fast gear or light race

You will gradually find a comfortable rhythm and sufficient resistance.


Progressively lengthens the duration of the session body to increase the duration

Reduce the warm-up phase to 5-10 min.

Increase running speed

Use the session body fractionation method: alternation of 6-12 blocks from 30 to 60 seconds varying the running speed (running or light / moderate or fast = higher than the normal running speed)

Gradually increases the number of blocks

Perform two to three sessions per week with a day of rest between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

Running on a treadmill, for or against?

In order to determine whether the treadmill is good or bad, the evaluated runner’s technique must be taken into account, since such a thing cannot be said in general.

If it is a runner with good technique in the race, the fact of running on the treadmill is not the best, since the impact that occurs is repetitive and on a completely smooth surface, so it is better not to use the tape if your running technique is really good. Unless there is no other option.

Of course, running outdoors doesn’t compare to running on a treadmill. Outdoors the influence of the friction of the wind, the change in the terrain and the distractions are not the same, which varies the technique of every cyclist.

Similarly, the running position is completely uniform throughout the treadmill workout. But in the case of not having a good running technique, it is not inadvisable to run on the treadmill to train, since training on these types of platforms also has its advantages.

Among them are the ability to follow a constant rhythm, the scheduling of breaks, etc. Working with an incline and time is not a problem.

There are many machines that exist in the current market that allow the athlete to create their own workouts, which can be an advantage for the runner. It also allows a programming of the outputs, resulting in an improvement in technique.

Does it have health consequences?

The answer to this will depend on the technique and the physical condition of the athlete. Of course, the effort it takes to run on the treadmill is significantly less than that done outdoors.

If a person starting to run has a running technique, the use of the treadmill is not recommended. That is, what is recommended in athletes who start in the race, must first work their technique and the force applied in the race. This is essential, but unfortunately it is not common.

When we start running and seek to improve the technique, it is frequent that the cufflinks and the soleus are heavily loaded, since the correct thing is that they do not come into contact with the ground and the heel, but with the forefoot.

If it is the heel that makes contact, it has been shown in the different biomechanical studies that the impact on the knees is very high.

The opposite occurs with the support in the metatarsal, in the forefoot or midfoot area that does not cause an overload in the joint, which also improves the race.

However, at first you are not used to it and you usually load the lower part of the leg as we have already mentioned. This will happen on the tape too. Keep in mind that the tape partially prevents reverse displacement, which causes some muscles to be used, such as the buttocks.

Can running on the treadmill lead to injuries?

This does not have to happen. Anyone who goes for a run if they do it with the correct technique should not be injured, both on treadmill and on asphalt. Ideally, run on a surface that provides a certain level of cushioning such as dirt or grass. Although not all people have this option, it would be the most recommended.

How long should the training be on the treadmill?

The maximum time has not been established but the ideal is that the tape is not used for a long time, although it will depend on the needs of each one. Keep in mind that races are not on treadmills, the ideal thing is to go running and only do it on a treadmill when it is strictly necessary.

Choosing the right training is necessary to achieve success in the races, establishing an adequate technique is essential. After that, it will be possible to know exactly whether or not it is advisable to run on the treadmill and, while the weather does not prevent it, the outdoor terrain is better.


Jennifer is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE & The Ordinary. In her leisure time, he love to play hockey.



Jennifer is an artist and a Senior Editor for Mesheble (A Top Brand Product Review Comparison Site). Jennifer is best in dealing with business clients and other official deals.

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